Will people ever let Chris Bosh live? Apparently, the Miami Heat player is wondering the same thing. The Internet has been populating with memes suggesting he is gay for years. While it might be all in fun for the Internet, Bosh hasn’t found it funny and he’s finally speaking out about it.

In an interview with ESPN, Bosh said:

“I read it all…For a while, they were questioning my sexuality. They still do. They were questioning my sexuality, questioning my game. And I’m like, ‘Why are they all messing with me?’ I didn’t do anything to anybody. I didn’t do nothing. I just came here to play basketball. And they’re like, ‘Oh, he’s not a real superstar.’ I never cared about being a superstar.”

He furthermore said:

“What am I supposed to do? You want me to have cornrows and tats on my neck and just punch somebody in the face when they score on me? It’s crazy. It’s impossible. I can’t do that and play. That’s never been who I am.

I’m just going to be myself. I shouldn’t have to apologize for that. If people don’t understand that, then they don’t understand it. I’m not going to try to be somebody I’m not.”

At the end of the day the Internet will have its fun, but Bosh and the Miami Heat have better things to do – like compete to be the NBA champions for the third straight time.

Check out some of the memes below.



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7 thoughts on “Chris Bosh Speaks Out On People Questioning His Sexuality

  1. Timekeeeper on said:

    There have always been ( and still are) stereotypes concering black men. It seems if we dont walk and talk with a certain amount of swagger, or in some sort of way “act like a brother” their sexuality is sometimes questioned. Bosh is a different kind of player. By different I mean he doesnt portray himself on the court with a typical bravado that peopl expect. This also goes on in the regular world where brothers who dont fit the typical MO, get questioned. Either ouright or behind their backs. Black men do this to other black men who think their way to be black is the only way ( we all know someone like that too) And to be perfectly blunt a sister will lable a brother like that in a heartbeat if he doesnt fit some sterotype she is comfortable with ( we all know someone like that too) Unless you are that person.

  2. My favorite miami heat player. who cares what people think, just continue being the best person that u can. and so far, so good.

  3. If he’s a homosexual ? That’s his FREEWILL CHOICE …
    If he’s not a homosexual ? That’s his FREEWILL CHOICE.
    The only thing a A TRUE CHRISTIAN can, should and will do is show him the error of his ways – warn him – and BE AN EXAMPLE.

  4. Bosh don’t waste your time on ignorance. The people that matter in your life know you are a strong positive black man.

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