Man look…this guy has been put to the test as it pertains to people getting  a hold of his Love & Hip Hop Atlanta checks before he does and this story is definitely no exception!

According to Eben Gregory, Scrap already has to pay off Chancy Hope $150,000.00  who won a judgement against the rapper. He also owes a concert booking company named Heavy Rotation a total of $108,510.38 over another lawsuit. They both get paid off of Scrappy’s L&HHA pay check before it ever even makes it into Scrappy’s wallet.

So, back in April of this year when the Georgia Department of Revenue filed a lien against Scrappy for failing to pay his taxes for the year 2006 it just added to his already hectic financial situation. The lien states that he owes Georgia State a total of $8,270.18 for the year 2006.

Now that isn’t really even a lot of money in the world that Scrappy moves in. But what’s messed up is…he originally only owed a total of $2,927 in taxes but with $1,000 in interest and $3,000 in penalties added to a myriad of  other court costs etc it jacked up the price of the unpaid balance to the $8,000 plus that he owes now.

Further, the docs show that the Department of Revenue searched to see if Scrappy had any property to put a lien on but after their search they discovered he has no assets to put the lien on at this moment. Hmmm….we wonder…how much does a scooter cost? We kid…we kid!

We’re pulling for ya Scrappy!


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