R. Kelly and ex-wife Andrea Kelly are now the parents of a ‘transguy’, according to their daughter’s Instagram.

14-year-old Jaya Kelly now goes by ” Jay”.


There is no word on if Andrea will mention Jay’s new transition on her show ‘Hollywood Exes’.




What do you think? Is 14 too young to be able to identify as being another gender? 

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(Photo Source: Instagram)

51 thoughts on “R. Kelly’s 14-Year-Old Daughter Is Now A ‘TransGuy’ [PHOTOS]

  1. Carolyn on said:

    What really matters is that his parents love him unconditionally the way they should. People get all wrapped up in this thing called religion, that if your not perfect your going to hell in a hand basket. I say bullshit. Religion separates people. Everyone thinks that they’re religion is the right one, that them and they’re religion is God’s favorite. It’s ridiculous. Anyway, chill out and just give someone a hug.

  2. Sensamenah on said:

    LGBT agenda in full swing! Confusing the children; gay is not enough! The devil wants them messing up their bodies… permanently!

  3. Anonymous Transboy on said:

    Who are you to judge? This kid os just doing what we all trying to do, to be happy. This is the goal of all humans and we all take different paths to find our own happiness. If becoming a male is her way of being happy, so what? Who the hell are you to judge her for choosing a path to happiness that is different from yours? And I’m sure this God you all speak of would want this kid to live life happily. If God wants people to suffer and be miserable then I don’t want to worship him. Similarly, if all of you who pass judgment upon others make it into heaven, then that’s a place I don’t want to go to. Let this kid live life happily and keep your criticisms that no one asked for, to yourself.

    • I said it. on said:

      Self indulged narcissism is not happiness. Ask all of the people who have undergone sex changes, or who have come out of the proverbial closet. Homosexuals can have and express any opinion they want, but can’t stand to hear anyone else’s. Why so much sensitivity?

    • tewdeeq on said:

      “happy” is what the world calls it. “JOY” is what God wants for us and that is living withing him – his ways not ours. God is not a “stick in the mud” when it come to us being “happy”. He already knows what is in this world that will eff us up is when we follow and rely on what us in the flesh call “happiness”

  4. Yazzie on said:

    Not many kids know what they want at 14 years old. And unforuntatly society and social media has their heads filled up with so much stuff, until they just don’t know which way to go. Most kids go with what’s “in” and trendy instead of looking inside themselves to find out what they want. Yes, it’s sad, but I have no right to judge. I do know for sure that God created man and woman, and nothing in between. We all must answer for what we do in life. I hope that she finds out what she’s meant to be, instead of being influenced by society and social media to experience life and the pitfalls that comes with it.

    • Yep you right. .All kids need prayer today gay & straight you & I..for that matter. Lol Being gay ain’t the only sin that could keep a person out of heaven.

      • Sensamenah on said:

        Being gay isn’t a sin though… it’s an abomination. I can only imagine what changing the way God made you would be called. It’s the parents’ fault; they’re supposed to guide the child. The child really doesn’t know better; is just confused. I hope she doesn’t hate her mom later for this. I am praying or Jaya.

  5. God's Babies are confused on said:

    Another young mind under the influence of satan, God did not make any mistakes. Remember the satan is a deceiver, this mind game will result in no offspring to Praise our God, which is what satan is trying to accomplish. The evil devil is trying to get us to accept this lie, but we must hold true to the word and works of Our Father. Let us pray for all cofused people that they will come back to the nature that God has placed in them The devil is a LIAR! One day there will be no gay people accepting this demonic curse. God Bless her soul.

  6. So What. We care too much about other folks business. As long as her parents love her unconditionally is all that matters. Also, there is a difference between gay and transgender.

  7. You people are crazy. There is nothing wrong with being gay. People have a right to live their lives the way they want. I wouldn’t be devastated if one of my children told me they were gay. I would still love them. You quote the bible and don’t even follow the scripture. It sounds like some of you have insecurities. Get your life together before you tell someone else that their life is wrong!

  8. itaintyamama on said:

    Typical! All these unwarranted PERSONAL opinions, just like ass holes, everyone has one. Who are you folks to judge and decide what should and should not be? Don’t quote the bible or “the creator” to spew your foolishness. All these “what is the world coming too” and some fool said therapy is needed for young kids, i could not stop laughing on that comment. Therapy to force them to conform to a specific way that is deemed acceptable in who’s eyes?? If you had true knowledge then you would understand that YOU cannot decide or determine what someone will become or should become. Has nothing to do with how she was born, that is not in dispute. Her acceptance of who she is inside and whom her heart and feelings bleed for, is what made her come out an accept herself. I minds my business, why can’t all of you who think its your RIGHT to cast JUDGEMENT?

    • IanRousseault on said:

      I am not judging anyone at all, I’m just giving you facts my friend. Just because you may feel like you’re of the opposite sex doesn’t make it TRUTH! You are what you’re born as, period!!!! Inside a Man cannot give birth to a child as well as a woman cannot produce sperm to fertilize a woman’s egg. So it doesn’t matter what you may feel, who gives a damn, what matters is who you really are deep down inside and not what you may feel! These people will NEVER be anything but TRANSGENDERED men or women, that word will ALWAYS follow them no matter how they look or feel!!!!! It’s a big waste of time, life is very short, get into therapy and learn how to accept yourself as you were made!

      • itaintyamama on said:

        IanRousseault, You are contradicting your own self. What do you mean ‘who gives a damn about how one feels”? Are you serious? lol, so life is not about emotions, just body parts, huh? Because no one is disputing anyone’s physical make up, and being Gay, Transgendered, Transsexual, Lesbian, does not include CHANGING BODY PARTS..lol so that part of your comment is null and void. An individual who has come to acceptance of whom they feel and know that they are has that right. It has nothing to do with science, or body parts being changed..furthermore those are cosmetic changes and that individuals choice, but to know and understand which sex makes you complete and happy and loved is an emotional and knowledgeable conclusion that those individuals have a RIGHT too. Speaking of the creator that you are so fond of wrongly quoting. The creator gave us humans all of our senses and the creator doesn’t promote hate, So why would you think its wrong for the same feeling and emotions that the creator gave this human to be for someone of the same sex?

      • tewdeeq on said:

        The Creator gave us our senses and emotions but in placing us in dominion over animals, expects us to behave and know and do better. I know if I was born differently I would most definitely have a better and more privileged life. People are born with deformities, without limbs or birth defects learn to live, deal with this developing character and integrity instead of crying and demanding others accommodate what THEY want by changing their own faith they have inside themselves for God.

      • I said it. on said:

        She’s been given over to her own MIND. Whatever she thinks is what it’s going to be.

  9. I think all of you on this post that are saying such negative things about someone’s gender is pathetic. Why can’t you all focus on the real problems of the world, like hunger, homelessness, mental illness, people shooting each other and all the other mess that is happening. These individuals have a right to feel the way they want to feel and WHO are you all to judge them. You are all narrow minded and don’t see the whole picture. It will be a sad day when one of your children comes to you when they are older and tells you they are gay, lesbian or transgender what you going do then?????? NOTHING just as I thought.

    • I said it. on said:

      Refocusing our attention won’t change biological facts. Science is science regardless to whose family it’s in. No one here said hate the people. We are just saying it’s a choice that’s not factually based.

    • IanRousseault on said:

      Mary, you are full of S___, do you really think the creator makes mistakes???? You dumb ass woman, NO he does not, there is no such thing as TRANSGENDERED, it’s all BULLSHIT, and I am sooooo F______ tired of this BS! These children need corrective therapy and prayer while they are young, so you can have them accept who they really are. God did not make a male that was born as a female or a female that was born as a male!!!!!!! Give me a damn break. If parents would do their jobs, they would recognize at an early age that we need to get our child into therapy right away. No matter how much makeup, dresses, high heels or how you want to dress, you will ALWAYS be what you were born as, and that will NEVER, EVER change. You will ALWAYS be looked upon as a FREAK OF NATURE. Accept who you really are and get on with your damn life!!!!!!!

      • itaintyamama on said:

        IanRousseault, something is terrible wrong with your soul. You have hate flowing through your comments with such passion as if this has affected you personally. Stop quoting ‘the creator’ and those other Cartoon characters you only think of when you want to Judge someone else’s life decisions. Who made you the new Webster dictionary editor? Who told you that is no such thing as a transgender, transsexual, etc? You should not be so concerned because IT ISN’T YOUR LIFE..and regardless of what you are soooooo sick of, stay in your corner and stop judging, because YOU ARE NOT THE CREATOR!! pun intended

      • IanRousseault on said:

        Look itaintyamama, I can tell you are not worth the spit out of my mouth, to try to carry on a conversation with! But I will pray for you and your soul. And you better hope that the ‘cartoon character’ that I pray to, has mercy on your dumb, ignorant, stupid, ill informed ass!

    • We’re able to focus on more than one subject at a time. It just so happens that this is the subject we clicked on, therefore, it stands to reason that this is the one we’d comment about. If we didn’t there would be no reason for the web site. And as far as the comments, not all are negative. How boring would it be for everyone to have the same opinion about any given subject? If you don’t like reading negative comments, only read the positive ones and stop trying to dictate to others how they should respond to certain subjects. You’ll be much happier.

  10. Woody on said:

    She was born that way. Your opinions on whether she is right or wrong won’t change a thing. She’s rans. Get used to it and stop hating.

    • I said it. on said:

      Stop hating on what? How about you are what you are born regardless to how many pills you pop, surgeries you have, or the way you walk, or talk.

    • IanRousseault on said:

      That’s BULLSHIT and you know it! No she was NOT born that way! God made her as a female, no matter how F_____ up we are as human beings, you will never, ever be anything other than what the creator made you. That’s not hate that’s the facts, and it doesn’t matter if you want to accept the truth or not, it’s still the TRUTH!

    • blah... blah... blah on said:

      So… If she was born that way, where is the gay gene or the trans gene??? If I am born with something, then I should be able to trace it back to my genetic code. Scientists have unsuccessfully tried to locate the gene that causes one to identify themselves as gay or trans or gender neutral.

      • I said it. on said:

        They don’t have an intelligent answer for that. They only will reply in anger, but the truth is we aren’t fighting against flesh and blood. Arguing is pointless.

  11. jamel on said:

    Thisworld is a mess!!! Now everyone is a transgender, transsexual and gay.

    Really!! After the Transgender got the cover Time, now all these kids and people are going to be coming out. It’s sad.what this world is coming too!!!

  12. hottlanta on said:

    They say we the public are confused. I have always said why do women who don’t want to be with a man go all out to look and act like one and why choose one that has a haircut better than a man. Then the most confusing part is why have a strap on. DUH!!!! Why have the surgery to look like a man and still be with women. If you are going to be with a woman just be with them I saw some videos myself and I tell these women that talking about they want to wait until they have sex to get married, child you better pull those covers back before you walk down the aisle because the surgery they got know is off the chain.

  13. I said it. on said:

    The media and society pushes this to children everyday. When someone proclaims their gayness ten famous people will jump on their team and tell them how proud they are of them and how they’re a hero. What person doesn’t want to be admired, given attention, and told they are a hero? Parents have their hands tied because if they say anything they are homophobic and not with the times.

  14. I think they are just very confused. I seen young girls become a full fledge TransGuy one year and next year they are a girl again. I also seen many give birth to after changing back. The news media , TV shows etc needs to stop putting this whole gay thing in our faces every minute of the day. If they want to be gay I’m ok with that, but we don’t need it pumped to us every day. This just confuses the children.

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