JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Michael David Dunn, accused of killing a teenager during an argument over loud music, will face a second murder trial after jurors at his original trial deadlocked on the charge, a judge decided Monday.

Dunn, 47, will be tried again starting Sept. 22 in the shooting death of Jordan Davis, 17, in an encounter at a Jacksonville gas station, Circuit Judge Russell Healey said.

In February, a jury deadlocked on a first-degree murder charge but convicted Dunn of three counts of attempted murder for shooting at Davis’ companions.

Witnesses said Dunn complained that Davis and his friends’ music was too loud, sparking an argument.

Dunn claimed self-defense and said he fired into the group’s vehicle because he feared Davis had a weapon. No weapon was found in the vehicle.

Healey also said Monday that Dunn won’t be sentenced on the attempted murder counts until after his second trial. Testimony gathered for the sentencing could taint the second trial, Healey said, and he wants it to run “as cleanly as possible.”

(Photo: AP)

6 thoughts on “New Trial in Teen’s Death in Loud Music Argument

  1. tewdeeq on said:

    If you are Black, there is nothing you can do to change the view of a racist. No matter whether employed or unemployed, rich or poor, dressed or casually dressed, all that is seen is that you are Black. Stop wasting money on clothes or fancy cars to “improve” your image to the racist or the white man or anyone else. They have the problem and not the Black person they choose to criticize.

  2. No, Black People get pulled over by cops because of their cars and skin color. My 21 year old nephew is a Financial Advisor at a bank and a Part-time student at Penn State working on his bachelor degree. My nephew have to commute to his job everyday which its an hour drive. Because of the city he work in it really do not like our kind (meaning Black Skin Color) so he is consistently an target because he is very Darkskin tall slender male with a Benz which he has the right to drive because he work hard for it. Our youth is stereotype on a daily but Goth and shaved heads get the free pass. Trayvon walking with a Hoodie and Jordon blasting music didn’t caused their murder. I teach Hip Hop Education which I incorporate Life, Social and Communication skills in the lesson. One of the topics is Gangsta/ Thug image and negative effect it has on our society and community. We as adult / Elders stop educating our youth on history, life ,social and productiveness. But let me say this I live in a community where crime is on the rises however I have taken the approach as a Hip Hop Education and History to gear children towards me and teach them about the truth and lies. Television, Movies, Video Games, Pop Culture, Rap, R&B, ROCK all contribute to this violence in our communities even in the suburbs. However it seem African American make the headlines when something so minor occurs.

    • It sounds like a great class you are teaching. Hopefully you can bridge some gaps. No, the hoodie nor the loud music killed them, it was likely a big mouth and aggressive approach that escalated into their death.

    • Unfortunately your nephew is the exception that pays for the majority. Meaning, the chances of a cop discovering mischief by stopping a young black in a Mercedes is probably pretty high. All cities have them, cruising around at 2pm with no visible employment, yet money to flaunt. As your nephew proves, not all are that way, but chances are, to the cops, more are than not.

    • Zimmerman’s right to patrol aggressively aside, if Trayvon had replied, “.Sir, I am staying with my father Tracy Martin and his fiancé at # 48, and on my way back there now from the convenience store, have a good evening”. He’d still be dead? I think you’re mistaken, but we’ll never know.

  3. Our communities need to do a better job of promoting worthwhile role models to our youth. Thug gangsta culture must cease to be attractive to our kids.
    Holla’ at the Scholar

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