ELIZABETH, N.J. (AP) — A substitute teacher in northern New Jersey is under investigation following a complaint she taped the mouths of several children who were talking during quiet time.

Police in Elizabeth say the incident occurred Monday and that the state’s child welfare agency is also investigating.

A police lieutenant says a 9-year-old girl initially made the complaint to her father.

The girl told News 12 New Jersey that the teacher got frustrated because she and other students were talking during quiet time. She says the teacher used a wide tape.

The station reports that the Elizabeth school system has taken the teacher off its substitute list while the case is pending.

The incident was reported at Winfield Scott School No. 2.

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6 thoughts on “Kid Says Teacher Taped Mouths, Prompting Probe

  1. Can’t do that to adults yet adults want children to obey them how ironic! When adults can’t get their way they make up laws put those who oppose them in prison or even worse kill those who oppose them. I think somebody need lesson or new teachers!

  2. lecia on said:

    So what when I was in the 3rd grade my teacher hit me in the head with a dictionary so i don’t know if yall remember how thick they were

    • Aww..did you tell your parents? In high school one time I cut gym class to go to lunch with friends after that they labeled me..Lol I never cut class again. In 12th grade they gave a class where I’d have no credit for it..probably because I cut gym ONCE the year before. See how they treat kids those adults tried to punish me for an entire year but guess what I did? Nothing..I sat in class & did nothing. Lol finally they took me out sent me to the principal’s office & gave a choice to leave school to work my last period. I was like cool. That’s how my 12th grade year went.

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