If you’ve been wondering what happened to former cute couple NBA player Daniel “Boobie” Gibson and his estranged wife, singer Keyshia Cole, well, Cole hinted at it in a radio interview and through a few songs and of course, social media posts. But now Cole’s estranged husband has come forth with his view of things for Rolling Out magazine. The Cleveland Cavaliers player says that despite the rumors, he didn’t cheat on Cole but that the scrutiny of shooting a reality show didn’t help their marriage. Here are some highlights from Part 1 of the interview:

Gibson on what went wrong between the couple: 

I think that life happened. In certain situations, you are a match made in heaven. But at the same time, nothing is perfect — and nobody is perfect. Then in some situations, you aren’t going to be as perfect as some people expect you to be. What happened with me and her was that our relationship was out there for everyone to see. So whenever we were going through our problems, it became public and everyone saw the ups and downs. With us, I think it was just a matter of us growing apart over time. I can’t say that there was one thing that broke us up, but what I can say as a man; when you are in a relationship, and you say those vows, I take full responsibility for everything that didn’t go right.

Were the problems mostly his fault?

I’m giving you the real answer because I feel like you’re never supposed to allow your marriage to fall apart. Whether it’s the blogs saying I cheated, or if I don’t like your attitude, at the end of the day, when you’re married to somebody, and you say “I do,” it says for better or for worse, and regardless of what comes in your relationship, you’re supposed to work through it. For example, even if you wanted to say that I cheated, you’re still supposed to figure out a way to make that work. So I’m not backing down from anything that people have to say about me, and I’m not taking the easy way out. But I am taking full responsibility for that not being my wife.

Did Gibson cheat? 


If he didn’t cheat, why was Cole putting out a  bunch of songs that seem to say he did?

Well, let me put it like this. I won’t say that I didn’t cheat, but I will say that I cheated my wife out of a friend in a lot of situations where I was supposed to hold her down and I didn’t. I cheated my wife out of a lot of different things. I feel like when we got together, I thought I was a man, and I thought I had it all figured out but I didn’t. I think I was like 23 when we met, and so a lot of mistakes that you shouldn’t make as a man in a relationship with your wife, I made. So you can go down the line — I probably made every mistake. The difference between me then and me now is that back then, I probably would have tried to sit here and make an excuse like, “oh it was because of her attitude, and it made me go out and cheat on her.” No, that’s a sucker move — that’s for a coward to say. So I‘m sitting here telling you that regardless of what she did, I married her. I loved her. And none of that other stuff should have happened. We’re supposed to still be together doing it right.

Read more of the interview here. 

(Photo: Rolling Out)

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3 thoughts on “Daniel “Boobie” Gibson – ‘I Didn’t Cheat On Keyshia’

  1. DLatim on said:

    I am glad to see that he had no problem admitting his faults. Most men don’t it’s always the woman. I hope he falls in love again he deserves to.

  2. Linda on said:

    On their reality show, Keyshia always seemed insecure and immature, always on the defensive and ready for a fight. I thought they were a nice couple but I think her family issues has a lot to do with the way she acts. Too much pressure.

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