As kids, many of us tried on a pair of our mother’s or aunt’s shoes, well Blue Ivy Carter is no different!

Beyonce shared personal snapshots of the toddler sleeping, playing with tennis balls and trying on mama’s stilettos recently on her Tumblr page along with a few selfies.

Check out some of the snaps below.

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6 thoughts on “Beyonce Shares Intimate Photos of Blue Ivy Wearing Her Stilettos + More!

  1. Blue Ivy may want to be a gospel singer…Maybe she’ll get her masters degree from Liberty University in VA and minister to her parents…ain’t nothing too hard for Jesus. God’s love is deeper & stronger…lets wait & see God’s salvation..that is if he chooses them.

    • hottlanta on said:

      Get a life. You can tell by your response you have no friends. No one wants to be around someone that talks about GOD alllll day long. Even he took a day off.

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