How does a 19 year old with a clean rap sheet get sentenced to 99 years in prison?

Make a batch of pot brownies and you could be in the same boat.

What is usually considered a misdemeanor in Texas, it was the amount of has oil used in the baked goods that warrants a 99 year prison sentence. Apparently when Jacob Laverno decided to add the ingredient, it immediately raised the THC level in the brownies and is considered a first degree felony comparable to a murder charge.

The Vice reported:

Travis McDonald, the Williamson County prosecutor, said that the sentencing range is five to 99 years, or life in prison, the Associated Press reported. This is a harsher punishment than Texas hands out for sexual assault or aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, just to put things in perspective.

And because the hashish is baked into the brownies, the entire treat counts as an illegal substance. Which basically means that if you throw sugar, butter, and cocoa powder into the mix you end up with a much heavier quantity of “drugs” — about 1.5 pounds, in Lavorno’s case.

The teen’s father had this to say:

“It’s outrageous. It’s crazy. I don’t understand it. Five years to life? I’m sorry. I’m a law-abiding citizen. I’m a conservative. I love my country. I’m a Vietnam veteran, but I’ll be damned. This is damn wrong,” he told local reporters. “If he did something wrong, he should be punished but to the extent that makes sense. This is illogical. I’m really upset, and I’m frightened, I’m frightened for my son.”

You tell us, does the punishment fit the crime or is the judicial system putting non-violent offenders in jail, no matter the crime, make sense?

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(Photo Source: AP)

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13 thoughts on “Teen Gets 99 Years For Hash Oil Brownies

  1. I got busted with 90 lbs. of marijuana passing through Texas 13 years ago today, and only got sentenced to 5 years of felony probation. This is not only unjust but completely abusive of all tax payers there in Texas.

  2. Reality on said:

    Doesn’t surprise me, this is the same state that has 8 year olds on the sex offender registry!! If you’re from texas, you’re an idiot.

  3. LInda, I am sad your life experience has caused you to hate on a young man because of the colour of his skin. Such a fate is an injustice to all races and all people.

    • I said it. on said:

      She isn’t hating on this manman, per say. (He’s not a kid.) Unless you have lived it you do not understand the hurt. You don’t understand how it feels to have a white person go in go in a rage, curse you out, and call you all forms of the N word. You don’t understand how it feels to have them pull on the side of you with your kids in the car cursing and pointing the finger, or slamming on their breaks when you know they wouldn’t do it to a white woman. The list could go on and on. So yes, we know the law is unjust. We’ve complained about the laws for years, but no one has cared to change them. We are wondering what took the rest of America so long to catch up. Linda’s joy is probably stemming from the fact that other people are beginning to see how it feels to know what we’ve known for centuries.

  4. smdh on said:

    Kid murders 4 people and injures several, gets probation………Kid makes brownies with drugs…gets 99 years. Texas has some f***d up laws!

  5. I said it. on said:

    I bet when the father discussed marijuana sentencing in the past in regards to minorities being sentenced, he scoffed. (Welcome to the neighborhood, Mr. Conservative.)

    Was it the rap music, low-life ghetto hood-rat parents, was it because his mom is black and has blonde hair, was it his ghetto neighborhood? Those are all of the questions that are posed in the comment section when African American youth get in trouble, so I have to ask.

    Some kids are being charged with child endangerment and food poisoning for selling hash brownies. Young people don’t assess the consequences and believe that they are invincible, regardless to their parents, or neighborhood.

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