Sex sells. And apparently both Kim Kardashian and former boyfriend Ray J. are still making money off the infamous sex tape that nonetheless kicked off Kardashian’s run in the pop culture spotlight. According to several sources Ray J.’s share of the proceeds from the tape xx totaled almost $40, 000 just this year, seven years after the tape was first released. In fact, TMZ. com broke the profits down this way:

January $6,135.60

February $20,097.31

 March $9,674.76

 April $10,931.52 which totals up to $46,840.13.

Reports say that Ray J. offered his share of the proceeds as a wedding gift to Kardashian and her soon-to-be husband Kanye West. But Ray J. says that’s just not true and he released his “statement” via, of course, social media.


Do you believe him? How much do you think Kim really made off that sex tape? 

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