SANTA ROSA, Calif. (AP) — A Northern California woman is facing charges that she grabbed a 12-year-old boy by the throat while confronting him about bullying her daughter, authorities said Sunday.

Delia Garcia-Bratcher, 30, of Santa Rosa came to an elementary school around lunchtime Friday and asked her son, who also attends the school, to point out her daughter’s alleged tormentor, the Sonoma County Sheriff’s office said in a statement.

The mother grabbed the boy by the throat in front of a number of children, the statement said.

No adult saw the confrontation, and Garcia-Bratcher apparently had not checked in with the school office before coming on campus, authorities said.

The young witnesses later told a deputy the mother threatened the boy about bullying her daughter. The staff at Olivet Charter Elementary School took photos of red marks on the boy’s neck as soon as they learned about the alleged assault, authorities said.

Garcia-Bratcher was arrested on a charge of felony child abuse. She was released from jail after posting a $30,000 bail.

A telephone number for a Delia Bratcher was disconnected. But on a Facebook page that said it belonged to Bratcher, she posted that she was hurt by the accusation and asserted that “the truth will be told.”

Lt. Mark Essick told the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat ( that deputies were looking into the bullying claims but have not substantiated them.

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(Photo Source: AP)

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4 thoughts on “Calif. Mom Accused Of Assaulting Daughter’s Bully

  1. These parents had better start teaching their kids how to deal with bullies, because they are NEVER GOING AWAY. Hell, when I was growing up, if every kid that was bullied hung themselves or jumped in a river because they were bullied, half of us would be dead. The other half were bullies. And I don’t ever remember parents having to go to the school to confront a child for bullying their kid. All the programs, seminars and pep rallies aimed at stamping out bullying mean absolutely nothing. Bullies have been around since the beginning of time, and they ain’t going anywhere any time soon. Better start teaching these whiny ass kids the facts of life, and I don’t mean the birds and the bees. If they think they’re being bullied now, wait until they enter the business world. Now is the time to start growing a backbone.

  2. Timekeeeper on said:

    Yes, Traboe, I will give you a break. I am not disagreeing with you at all. I see terrible kids out there as well. I dont know if it is worse now or back in the day, hard to say. I do know though that there are instances of so called bullying that have not reached the level of aggression that is is sometimes first described. If you really feel that mother was within her rights to choke that boys neck. God bless you, That is anarchy though. And scary if every parent feels they are duty bound to do such.

  3. Traboe on said:

    Yes, I’m sure this boy was making fun of the little girls pony tail or lunch box and because the little girl doesn’t get enough attention at home she told her mom…give me a break. Children/teenagers are terrible today. They are full of so much animosity and aggression its frightening. Most kids being bullied are reluctant to even tell their parents. If school officials had done their job this lady wouldn’t have had to go up to the school.

  4. Timekeeeper on said:

    Personally, I think the term bullying has become politicized, and has started to become overused. Yes, plenty of bullying is going on, but there is a grave difference between bullying and simply being teased. Which plenty of kids do ( as well as some grownups I might add) Children are smart, savvy and sneaky. A child running home telling their Mom or Dad they’ve been bullied gets them out of a lot of trouble, and garners them a lot of attention they may not otherwise receive. That doesnt mean this girl wasnt bulllied. But you can best believe she obviously got her mother’s dander up to the point she did to this boy what she would never want another parent to do to her kids. We took a lot of bullying growing up and assumed it was just a part of growng up. Had bullying been a phenomon it is today a whole lot of kids would have been expelled ( and some parents even shot) cause it was just that rough at times. But dare I say, some of the bullying allegtions are from weak, jellyback kids who cant stand for anyone to laugh at their ponytail or lunchbox. There are some real bullies out there. I just hope we begin to learn the difference.

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