Fox News is tapping Stacey Dash to join their team as a regular contributor and we actually think it’s a good move for the conservative beauty.

She’s made numerous guest appearances on various Fox News shows, and according to reports the 47-year-old actress is in talks to sign a permanent deal with the network. Although we may not always agree with her stance, there’s doubting her ability to spark heated conversations on the web and social media.

Dash, an outspoken republican, made her first appearance on the conservative radar in 2012 when she endorsed Mitt Romney for president. Following a huge Twitter backlash, she tweeted, “Perhaps I publicly endorsed Romney from a slightly naive place, thinking that I could speak my voice without being criticized in such racially charged and hateful tones.”

“My humble opinion… EVERYONE is entitled to one,” she added at the time.

This seems like a good move for the Clueless star (no pun intended lol). Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


10 thoughts on “Stacey Dash In Talks To Join Fox News As A Regular Contributor

  1. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Stop trying to make her relevant to black people. Anyway WHO CARES if that’s what she wants to do WHATEVER!

  2. Selling your soul 2 the Devil for a dollar plus her skin tone make her think she is white but pushing of hate and Lies about President Obama on fix news is a disgrace for her

  3. Ray Rowe on said:

    I don’t have a problem with Stacy working for Fox. I do have a problem with her becoming as dumb and ignorant as the people that work for and watch Fox News. How can a minority, especially a Black minority, watch that garbage that is part of Fox News.

  4. well first I am A black man u know all my life we have been discrimated and complaining about being discrimated against . WHITES on fox news makes thousand of dollars posting viewpoints on politics. US blacks make a fuss on that and white people holding us back .now a beautiful black woman has a chance to have equal rights as them with open doors for her NOW you are hating on her because of BARACK OBAMA that was her choice on the vote. would you rather her pushing drugs or prostituting to make ends meet? NEGROES be bitchin about not enough blacks on politics and fox news first crying discrimation now u don’t want her to make it .its confusing to me .ITS like damn if do damn if u don’t. IF she making it in life as a positive black woman leave her ALONE

  5. Francisco on said:

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  6. I’m not surprised. Hey everyone else is PAID to promote rhetoric, and propaganda….She’s just joining the chorus line.

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