CNN’s Don Lemon landed an exclusive interview with, Maseratiet, a self-described friend of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

Maseratiet is also Sterlings’s former escort provider. Yes, you read that correctly. Seems as if you buy black women you can’t possibly be racist. reports:

“How’d I meet him? That’s a good question,” Maseratimet said when pressed. After noting that Sterling “likes to have fun” and enjoys being around women, Maseratimet finally confessed that he ran an escort service in Las Vegas that Sterling patronized.

“He didn’t show no sign of racist to me,” Maseratimet said. “He seemed, you know, straight cool.” When prodded by Lemon, Maseratimet said that Sterling did prefer “light skinned” women of color.

Maseratimet confessed that he was “upset” when he heard the tapes and reached out to Sterling for clarification. He added that he recorded those conversations with Sterling and confessed that he is behind the release of every recording of Sterling besides the original Stiviano tape.

Maseratimet assured Lemon that he never received compensation for releasing those tapes. After playing the tapes, Maseratimet said that he was shocked that Sterling said what he did.

“I’ve known him to always want a woman of color and to say what he said just – it just threw me off big time,” the escort provider confessed. “So, now I do believe he is a racist.”

“You don’t speak that type of language and not be racist,” Maseratimet continued.

Maseratimet said that he no longer considers Sterling a friend after hearing his comments.

When asked why decided to come forward now, Maseratimet confessed that he’s known Sterling for “five or six years” and used to consider him a friend, but his recent behavior led him to record their conversations and release them to the press.

Anybody else thinks this story is getting stranger by the second?

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(Photo Source: CNN screenshot)



13 thoughts on “Donald Sterling’s Pimp Comes To His Defense

  1. Jazzdancer on said:

    Man. Sterling must have been a big time trick customer. He didn’t want to take pictures with Blacks but he certainly love sleeping Black. I bet he paid out a small fortune over the years.

  2. C.A.A. on said:


    You people fail to see the “TRUTH” sleeping with women of color is no better then back in the day when ships were arriving here in the states with our capture women. That’s a thrill to them not to mention a strong sense of power. People wake up! all these give your opinion sites/comments to go around the truth, when the truth is looking you right in the eye. It’s no different.

  3. Kevin on said:

    Good Lord, you mean his pimp gets air time too. Just because a person has money and power does not mean he is smart. There are a lot of dumb people who just happened to be rich.

  4. James R. on said:

    A lot of slave owners were racist, but they had forcible sex with African American women, you don’t have to like a particular race to have sex with them. Dogs will try to have sex with any dog when its in heat. I know racist white men that have been caring on sexual relationships with African American women for years.

    • there are more serious subject to write about other than this old fool that we as blacks should ignore and pay serious attention to the poor blacks who can not get unemployment benefits for over five months now and are loosing homes and cars being reposessed. there has got to be a better solution to start talking about this and make it constant because it is time for the President to make an executive decission on this if you want to read go to the unemployment comment box and read some of the heart breaking things there.

  5. Camella Jenkins on said:

    No defense to the racist crazy old man I watched the interview, that guy was an embarrassment to watch, he’s a illiterate.

  6. I said it. on said:

    I’m over people taping conversations and releasing them like this news is up there with Watergate. I’m so over this.

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