In honor of National Missing Children’s Day, and to raise awareness of missing persons of color, Black and Missing Foundation, Inc (BAMFI) at 8:30 am Saturday, May 24, will host its 2nd Annual ‘Hope Without Boundaries’ 5K Run/Walk at the National Harbor, Ft. Washington, MD.

“We truly believe that all of us, united for such a time as this, through our collective vision will make a change and continue to raise awareness in our communities and throughout the country about our missing,” said Founders Derrica Wilson and Natalie Wilson.

The fundraiser will raise money to support families through financial support, flyer distribution, victim recovery and burial service assistance.

Lending support to the event are:

• Journalist Jacque Reid

• WTTG Morning News Anchor Allison Seymour

Last year’s race attracted close to 500 participants from around the country and raised close to $15,000.

For additional information or to register, please visit

One thought on “Black and Missing Foundation to Host 2nd Annual ‘Hope Without Boundaries’ 5k Run/Walk

  1. Nina Simone on said:

    These organizers and event promoters should be opposing the media and covert tactics to use “saving children in Afrika who are missing,” as a cover-up to invade, occupy, and rape Afrika’s resources. The news is going ballistic with reports to make us feel we have to get in Afrika’s sovereign and autonomous matters. If anything, we need to race to Re-Separation, Self-Determination, Trans-Afrikanism. Black Sports players have a clause saying they can’t support certain, community developing groups and organizations. Our sufferage is tactical and calculated. And as long as we get publicity or paid, we don’t delve deep enough into these matters such as, who’s promoting them paying for them, and what other kind of issues don’t these promoters, or financiers support?

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