Charity Anne Johnson was enrolled at New Life Christian School in Longview, TX posing as a 15 year old sophomore and no one seems to knows why.

KLTV reports:

Officer Debra Stiles said Johnson gave officers the name “Charity Stevens.” This is the same alias Johnson used to enroll at New Life Christian School.

A spokesperson for the school said Johnson was brought in to enroll with a person who was her guardian. She enrolled in the school, giving a date of birth that indicated she was 15. On Tuesday, staff at the school discovered her identification was fake. She had been a student there since October 2013.

Tamica Lincoln says back in March, Charity told her she was 15 and needed a place to stay. “I sympathized with her, and invited her into my home. I took her in as a child, did her hair, got her clothes and shoes…”

Lincoln says Charity claimed she was abused by her biological father who has since passed away, along with her biological mother. Lincoln acted as Charity’s guardian and even met with Charity’s 10th grade teachers at New Life Christian School.

“I just don’t know why she did it. Why put yourself and others at risk to do something like this?” she wonders. “I have deep concerns about her being who we don’t know she is, and then she’s out there at the school.”

As soon as Lincoln and Paul Ward suspected Charity was using a fake identity, they called the police and went straight to the school.

“Teachers were crying and students were crying, and her best friend just couldn’t believe it.”

School officials wouldn’t go on camera, but they say a notice about the situation will be sent home Thursday with students. Lincoln posted a picture of Charity on Facebook, and asked if anyone knew her. The response is surprising.

“I’ve reached out to four different women off of Facebook that she has contacted. Florida, here in Longview, Minnesota.”

None of those people want any further contact with Charity. They tell us that they hope she has time in jail to think about the pain she caused with her lies.

Johnson was arrested for failure to identify/giving false, fictitious information. She remains in the Gregg County Jail on $500 bond.

She has no known family members.

What should happen to Johnson besides jail time? Do you think she should seek mental help?

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(Photo Source: KLTV, Facebook)

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8 thoughts on “31-Year-Old Woman Poses As High School Student

  1. Response to a sad situation : This really is a sad situation for all involved. She obviously has the ability to be likable – but as someone said – something is not right with her. Someone asked “what pain did she cause?” People cared for her. It pains them to have all they thought be a fake, and for her to be torn from their lives. Even though she was living a lie, the people around her weren’t. It is worse than a break up from a relationship be caused you’ve been duped. Should she go to jail ? No. She’s in her personal jail..,she’s been tormenting herself and others like this for some reason, which needs to be determined…at a clinically qualified facility where she can be medically, physiologically and emotionally tested. Now, wouldn’t it be something if the last person, or someone, stuck by her side – and helped see her through that process ? IMHO.

  2. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Call it mentally ill everyday all day but the true word for her is she’s crazy plain and simple. A lot of crazy people in the world today.

  3. This is just a sad story. Something else is going on with this woman and I hope she really gets the mental help she needs too…

  4. Paris on said:

    I’m confused; what pain did she cause with her lies? She posed as a teenager but I don’t see how she hurt anyone. I can understand the school being concerned about the mental state of a grown woman who wants to live her life as a teenager but she did not cause any pain to anyone. It appears to be more of a mental health issue than a crime. It’s obvious she needs help.

    • on said:

      Ok she moved in with a woman who more then likely had other children so now there is another mouth to feed, body to cloth, and house. I’m sure with there being so many other places that she has done this there is a trail of victims. People like here make is hard to do things for other people. It is sad, but as a parent this would really make me angry and scared that something like this could happen if she killed a couple of kids then would you be up set well as close as she was she could have done just that. But way be upset she was just playing right…….

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