05/14/14 – Rev. Al Sharpton is traveling to LA to receive the ‘Man of the Year’ award from the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP, the same chapter that once gave Donald Sterling his first lifetime achievement  award and was set to give him another honor this year.

“It is very important that we don’t let the actions that are being questioned of one individual in the chapter stop us from dealing with 103 years of service that this organization has done,” Sharpton said.

Should Rev. Al accept the award? He explains why it’s not a good time to neglect the chapter in this time.

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One thought on “REV. AL SHARPTON: Receiving ‘Man of the Year’ Award From NAACP-LA

  1. What is truly amazing, the NAACP decided to remove one man for a racist remark and then replaces him with a man who is a bigger racists; tax cheat; liar; and many other things. Remember the Duke LaCrosse Team and Al’s false accusations, and never even said he was wrong. How about the amount of taxes this man owes to the IRS.. How about all the times he stands and screams ‘RACISM’
    to anyone that would hear him.. This is the type of man who exemplifies the standards of the NAACP.
    Which I might add in its very name is a form of racism.. How about we stand for ALL AMERICANS..
    Martin Luther King had a dream that included everyone and that’s the type of person you should have as “Man Of The Year”. Not a man that uses race to his advantage at every turn..

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