Latasha Green (pictured) was arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse after she allegedly beat her 6-year-old son so badly that he needed to be taken to a hospital, reports KISS Detroit.

When the first-grader received his report card last month, Green became incensed with the boy and hit him when she saw an “N” on his card; the letter grade stands for “needs improvement.”

The boy was reportedly “whipped” in the face and beaten about his torso, Memphis police said.

The abuse was later discovered by school officials, cops said. The child behaved strangely at school and vomited repeatedly before an ambulance was called. The elementary school tot had to be transported to a children’s hospital where, upon examination by doctors, he was found to have a cracked skull, cuts about his body, and damage to his pancreas.

Meanwhile Green, who was released Monday night on a $25,000 bond, is set to appear in court May 29 to respond to the allegations.

The boy is recovering from his injuries.

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9 thoughts on “Mother Arrested For Brutally Beating 6-Year-Old Son Over Bad Grades

  1. Chrishuna Vasser on said:

    Instead of beating a him, determine how you can improve the areas he is lacking. Call a conference with the teacher to discuss ways the child can be remediated. As a mother of five, sparing the rod is necessary, however, it is not always the solution. How much time is the parent investing with this child, what type of supplemental material do the parent use to help reinforce what’s being taught in th he classroom. Beating this child in this manner will only cause him to act out and potentially beat someone’s daughter the way his mom beat him. I received beatings as a child but they never landed me a visit to the ER. I have had to use old school beatings on my own children but it depends on the severity of what they did. I incorporate other ways of discipline and more importantly, I talk to them. They fully understand the discipline measure I chose before it’s initiated. Last, but not least, my children and I engage in prayer together on a daily basis and we constantly ask for deliverance from disobedient ways. We are not a perfect family but God has certainly given me strength to raise my children alone without hurting them or allowing them to be hurt by others.

    • Paris on said:

      I guess she didn’t crack your skull and damage your pancreas so you had to receive medical attention like this child.

  2. My heart goes out to the many many young kids that have to endure abuse. Like one of the commenters said; if she were helping him maybe he would have receive a good report card. Listen parents, children are not only to be taught at school; we as parents have to teach them the right way, etc.

  3. please tell me the boy was not sent back to live with the mother and that there is a protection order against the mother until serious anger management and parental classes are completed.

  4. lalauna on said:

    Maybe if she took the time to helpim he would not have needed improvement. I wish that this child can be placed in a loving home.

  5. Paris on said:

    Poor innocent child. The person who is supposed to protect him is the one who darn near took his life. He should not be allowed back in that home. The sad part is he still loves his mother and probably thinks he did something wrong and got his mother in trouble. I hope there is someone who can rescue him from this awful woman.

  6. J Sylwin Turner on said:

    This is not about grades. As a child growing up I witnessed similar females brutalizing small boys this way. these females were sadistic bully cowards that inflicted their pain on victims unable to defend their self. Unfortunately, double standards that do not consider boys safety and well being leave children such as this lives at risk. this must change. the cycle of violence has to end. the boys I witnessed being brutalized became adults that revisited horrendous brutality on females. the story doesn’t mention whether the boy will return to live with Ms Latasha but it appears that if he does his life is clearly at risk. Pray for this little boy’s life and that his mother gets the intervention she needs so she doesn’t brutalize children again.

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