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Eva Marcille added some more drama to her baby daddy drama on Instagram this week. Just a few weeks after filing a restraining order against her daughter’s father Kevin McCall, the model and actress decided to get a little petty and try to put his dirty laundry out online.

Kevin posted a photo of a new pair Timberland boots for his first daughter Jenny. “Yeah….Jenny pooh gonna Looove these #likefatherlikedaughter #timbs,” he wrote. Well, apparently Eva was lurking on his page (insert the emoji with the looking eyes here) and decided to let the world know that he did not purchase the shoes.


Or course, the commenters got a good laugh and added their two cents. Then, Kevin McCall replied:

This seems every juvenile considering the co-parents have bigger fish to fry. As we reported earlier, Kev is not allowed to come within 100 yards of Eva and baby Marley after he allegedly kicked down several doors in their house, threatened to punch Eva and tried to snatch the baby out of her hands. A judge awarded the new mom full custody of the 2-month-old and denied visitation rights to K-Mac.

“It is unfortunate that life has thrown a curve Into Eva’s life but as a responsible parent and adult she’s taking steps to ensure the safety and well-being of their child and herself,” a rep for Eva said.

These silly IG games are entertaining, but not helping their situation.


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