Hip-hop pioneer Chubb Rock will be at the Family Reunion again, teaching your kids how to make beats. But don’t hold it against him when your child is making noise, er music, because who knows…he could become the next Dr. Dre.

“We’re not just going to make beats,” Chubb says. “We’re going to do promos and teach these kids some alternatives for broadcasting. Maybe they can even make beats for [the TJMS.]”

Deejay Camp is what it’s called and you have to be 13-18 to participate.

“It’s strictly for the kids,” says Chubb so aspiring beatmakers past 18 will have to find an alternative to hone their talents, or accept the lack thereof. “We want to give them alternatives and tell them life is not all about Xbox. We just want to get them involved in doing some good things, some musical things. They’ve taken all the music out of school so we gotta bring it back to the Family Reunion.”

Chubb Rock got his own start in the Boys and Girls Club so he understands the concept of giving back. He also understands what its like to have a parent whose patient with their child’s experimentation.

“My mom used to have the big wooden record player in the middle of your living room that weighed like 2,000 pounds. That’s all I did was take her records – her James Brown, her Funkadelic and make music and pause tapes back in those days. And some guys up in the Bronx came up with this brilliant genre called hip-hop and I fell in love with it.”

Chubb says he was free to feed his musical curiousity on his mother’s funk records, but one genre was off limits.

“As long as I didn’t touch the Jamaican records, she was fine,” Chubb laughs.

Catch Chubb and the Deejay Camp at the Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion August 28 – September 1.


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