If you watch R&B Divas: Atlanta you know that Keke Wyatt is made for TV, especially reality TV. The singer/songwriter is as well-known for her, um, erratic behavior, as she is for her soul-stirring vocals.

Watch Keke Wyatt’s In-Studio Jam from the Red Velvet Cake Studio here.

In the first episode of this season she and former good girlfriend Monifah almost came to blows. Wyatt says she wasn’t angry at Monifah but at some things going on behind the scenes.

“They can’t edit my attitude, but they can edit how things are perceived to have happened,” Wyatt says. “Can I be truthful? Well, I am under contract, but I don’t want to go to Hell for nobody, amen, not for no contract or nothing. I wasn’t talking to [Monifah]. I wasn’t “at” nobody. It was more of a behind the scenes type of thing. Everybody has their moments in time when things are bothering them.”

Wyatt says that her family drama, which is not seen as much as her tendency to “pop off” at folks is what’s often the motivation behind her readiness to go there.

“Well, live in my house with six children and your momma telling you what to do in your own house in front of your kids to the point they’re like “Mommy, Nana’s gon’ whip your butt.”

Wyatt’s family storyline is not shown as much as her constant conflicts with other cast members, which does make for great TV. She says that though the drama continues when the cameras stop rolling, her love for her family is what’s most important to her.

“It’s real life for us. It just kind of continues until Mama stops or I stop or Keever stops. We love each other too much to let something that stupid [reality TV]break us apart. I’d rather be with them fussing and fighting all day than to not be. [But]It’s tough for me as a mother when I tell my children to do something and my mother goes behind my back and totally disregards everything I said to them, so they listen to her but don’t listen to me.”

Keke says if she would vote anyone off the show, it would be the Devil, who she blames for the negativity that sometimes surrounds the cast.

“I’m a cool, easygoing person. The only time I turn up is when someone causes me to turn up. It’s an emotional rollercoaster for me. The first episode I bawled my eyes out until they were red and puffy because I felt so betrayed by the whole situation.”

The show has increased Wyatt’s visibility which she admits has helped her singing career. Wyatt released an EP, Ke Ke this week, available in stores and via iTunes. The first single is called “Fall In Love.” The EP features Clipse rapper Pusha T as well as new artist Nitty Scott.

Here’s the track listing.

1. Fall in Love

2. Rain feat. Pusha T

3. Another Lifetime

4. Remember feat. Nitty Scott

5. Lie Under You

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(Photo: Rance Elgin)

2 thoughts on “Keke Wyatt: ‘I Only Turn Up When Someone Causes Me To’

  1. I wouldn’t let anyone have that much control over me me… I response when I want to…not when they want me too.. duh.. like Kenya pushing Porsha button.)Maybe keke don’t have control over herself.. but others do..ijs

  2. I said it. on said:

    Parents are responsible before God for the role they played in how their child(ren) turn out, not grandparents. She can’t control her mom, but she can let her children know who their mom is and the consequences of going against her wishes.

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