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Actor Mekhi Phifer is apparently in a financial tailspin.

The actor, most recently seen in Lifetime’s “A Day Late and a Dollar Short,’ has reportedly filed for bankruptcy, according to TMZ.

He submitted court papers in April, claiming his debts have spiraled to $1.3 million – including $1.2 million in back taxes, $50,000 on lawyer fees and another $4,500 in child support.

In court documents obtained by TMZ, Phifer states he has $67,000 in assets and spends $11,600 a month.

Phifer has two sons from previous relationships.

Celebrity Bankruptcies
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4 thoughts on “Mekhi Phifer Files For Bankruptcy

  1. It doesn’t matter if you’re poor or rich. If you haven’t been properly trained in how to balance your finances (especially if you have large sums) you will end up paying more than what you spent eventually.

    Hopefully he can get some new gigs and pay off his debt! Bankruptcy is step in the right direction, it seems!

  2. that’s because actresses and actors of Melanin are getting any significant roles in America’s Hollywood. how many Oscars does Meryl Strep has??? and TVOne is launching a brand new show called ‘Hollywood’ Divas(more actresses of Melanin that ain’t getting work). Director/Actor Bill Duke is just as brilliant as Clint Eastwood…why isn’t America’s Hollywood beating down his door??? #theblindinglightofmisinformationmustend

    • Mac Ben on said:

      There are black producers, film companies and move-makers…why not ask them? You mufuckas always blame somebody else… ask Tyler Perry to put Mekhi in a fuckin’ movie…ask Spike Lee…the Hughes Bros….Hell ask Oprah or fuckn Chris Rock for Chrissakes…; Maybe there just aren’t roles for Mekhi…it is not his right to make movies or money, but privilege.

  3. Dean on said:

    He spends $11k a month. At first glance he seems like many professional athletes that get short term contracts–say of $1 a year for three years–and then spend as if the money has no end. That is, as if money will come in at that rate long term or for a lifetime.

    I suspect that he got a few good acting gigs that brought in good cash flow (ER, etc.) but spent as if he’d always get such good gigs. And when the gigs didn’t come, he likely keep spending with the belief that a good gig “is just around the corner” but the “corner” hasn’t been seen or has been few and far between.

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