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Mike Epps called Kevin Hart overrated in a radio interview and let’s just say Kev didn’t take to that too lightly.

During a chit-chat with a local radio station in Dallas, Mike said the Think Like A Man Too star is the most overrated comedian in the game right now. “In this business right here, sometimes marketing can be bigger than talent,” he said. “This business is not about being funny. This business is about being forced on people. You can be forced on people and be really, really funny. If the business was based on being funny none of these suckers would be in it.”

When Kevin found out about Mike’s diss, he went in on Twitter. “Just heard @TheRealMikeEpps called me “Overrated” on the radio this AM! I missed it bcuz I was on set “WORKING”do u remember what that is?” he shared with his 10.5 million followers. “Don’t talk 2 me until u start selling out ARENA’S @TheRealMikeEpps if ur shows aren’t sellin & u need sum help maybe I will send out a TWEET.”

In response, Mike wrote a series of incoherent tweets. “@KevinHart4real tell everybody that you sacrificed your man hood for fame nigga and you beg me to be open up fo for me before you got on,” he rambled. “If it wasn’t for the social media @KevinHart4real would not be present he was forced on you fans trough the web your gone to realize.”

“I got this ninja @eppsie so damn mad right now….he can’t even talk right,” Kevin fired back. “Can somebody please TRANSLATE this.”

And in the works of Kev, “OVERRATE THAT!” Stay tuned… this war of words may not be over just yet.


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