Twist-outs are the natural girl’s go-to hairstyle. Almost every natural I meet is working towards the perfect twist-out. Most women want a super defined look, and take it from me – it takes time to master. But I finally figured out what works best. Follow these steps to see if you get the results you’ve been looking for, too!

1. Wash hair

It’s always best to start on clean hair. A twist-out is definitely achievable whether your hair is freshly or washed or not, but it will make life easier. Plus, if you want to look like you stepped out of the salon, it’s essential.

2. Detangle hair thoroughly

After washing your hair, you want to be sure to thoroughly detangle your hair. I say thoroughly, because many naturals like myself often finger-detangle. It’s possible to fully detangle your hair with only your fingers. But for this style it’s best to bring out the comb. After you finger-detangle, run the comb through your hair to ensure your strands are completely detangled all the way through. This is essential to making sure hair turns out neat with coiled ends.

3. Let hair dry

I don’t suggest twisting on soak and wet hair. Let your hair get about half way dry before styling. It’s not the best idea to manipulate hair in any way when it’s completely wet. Plus, it will give your hair the opportunity to stretch, creating a more elongated look.

4. Part hair into four sections

Parting your into sections will make it easy for you to begin your twisting process. It can become a bit overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of hair, to just go at it.

5. Apply hair butter/twisting cream

You can apply your product of choice as you twist or to each whole section. I usually apply shea butter to each section as I go. I’ve found applying product to each twist takes entirely too long. Be sure to really get then ends of your hair to ensure they are extra moisturized.

6. Start twisting

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