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With as many run-ins as they’ve had with the law, it’s not hard to believe rappers T.I. and The Game have no love for the police. The duo was recently involved in a heated standoff with the LAPD and it was all caught on video. The standoff was the result of a fight between the rappers’ entourage and the LA  hotspot The Supper Club’s security.

According to reports, The Game and T.I. were hanging out at The Supper Club when a few of their “mutual associates” were denied entry into the club. The denied party was obviously upset and started arguing with the security team. The argument escalated quickly and one of the rappers’  crew members threw a punch at a member of the security team and it was on from there. The security team pummeled the club rejects into bloody messes. One man was savagely kicked in the face while he was on the ground.

Believe it or not, the police were on the scene and saw part of the fight. Some of the witnesses of the fight were off-duty LAPD cops who were working at the club. Under the impression their friends were attacked by the LAPD, The Game and T.I. came out of the club demanding to know what was going on. With emotions running high, the LAPD exchanged some heated words with the rappers. Things never erupt in violence between the rappers and police, but they were close.

Once tensions cooled, the two mean who were beat up were taken to the Hollywood division of the LAPD. However, nobody wanted to press charges so the two mean were let go.

Check the fight video first and the stand off with the cops below.

T.I. & The Game Involved In Bar Brawl And Heated LAPD Standoff [VIDEO] was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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