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A new study by Nextions reveals that reviewers of a legal brief were likely to find more errors once they learned that the author was Black.

Based on findings from a previous study that revealed supervising lawyers are more likely than not to perceive African-American writers as having subpar writing skills when compared to their Caucasian counterparts, the researchers attempted to confirm if they would unfairly evaluate legal writing by Black lawyers.

The results were most unsurprising.

Nextions drafted a research memo from a fake third-year lawyer that focused on the issue of trade secrets at Internet start-ups. The researchers purposefully added 22 errors of varying degrees in the memo. The same memo was then distributed to 60 law firm partners (53 returned them for the study) at 22 law firms. The only difference was that one half of the partners knew the author was Black and the other knew he or she was White.


However, when the partners reviewed the memos, the racism followed. The exact memo produced a score of 3.2/5.0 for the Black lawyer, but 4.1/5.0 for the White one. Here is some of the commentary the partners wrote:

Nextions study writers and racism

One law firm researchers worked with evaluated its African-American summer associates more harshly than their White counterparts, the study found. The complete study is here, but it reveals that America has a long way to go in its efforts to exercise racial equality.



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4 thoughts on “STUDY: Reviewers Find More Errors In Your Writing If They Think You’re Black

  1. The readers of Black America Web like my self are in no way surprised at the findings of this study.
    day after day more and more examples of overt and covert racism are surfacing,
    what is sad about this case is that people such as these are being groomed to become part of the progressive pillars of future society.
    Likewise no one outside of the inmates at the morgue are surprised to hear that our trendy hip social network sites Facebook and Twitter are big subscribers to racism and sadly the type of racism which comes with violent adherents.
    Sometime ago Facebook banned me from their site for exposing them hosting a support page for the Boeremag race terrorists who were jailed for trying to bomb Nelson Mandela, start a race war, drive all “non-Whites” out of the country and set up an all Whites state in Africa !
    I continued working from Twitter who have followed suit in banning me the self same week I start to score small victories against two of the race haters, incidentally just two weeks before the national election of 7 May.
    Victory one was causing one of the main proponents of the lie of 85,000 murdered Whites under Black African rule to take down their lying banner page with that claim, secondly I caused the Boer genocide farmtracker to stop numbering the amount of murdered Whites since the start of April, because I exposed that if what they said was true that this year has seen an acceleration in the murder of White people, then how come 70 had been killed while across the country up to 4500 Black people had been killed.
    Not only has Twitter banned me “suspension” they insist on sending me some of the most vile racists to “follow” these include a support group for the Boeremag terrorists as well as another which is part of an outfit called White resistance, they actually as a banner page use the old South African apartheid flag as a testament to the fact that they will never accept Black African rule.

  2. Lecia m on said:

    Now ain’t that a bitch, how are AA’s suppose to get ahead in life. Everything that has anything to do with AA’s always catching the short end of the stick. And these white people have the bnerve to say were angry people. And the black ones who wish they weren’t even black. Lord help us

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