Are you doing yourself a disservice by doing your makeup WRONG?! It’s hard enough as it is to look awake in the morning.What you didn’t know is you’re probably adding to that struggle with your makeup application process. Stay away from these makeup mistakes and you should be looking wide awake in no time!

#1: Monotone Colors

The best way to look more awake is by defining your facial features. Try defining your brows, eyes, cheeks and lips and forgo the plain one-dimensional color all over look.

# 2: Under-Eye Concealer Gone Wrong

Whether it’s too dark or light, it’s WRONG and it’s making you look like it’s past your bedtime. Make sure you are applying all of your makeup in a well lit room. Natural light works best.

# 3: Eye Makeup Primer

You must not skip this important step, ESPECIALLY if you are using a dark eyeliner. The primer assists in keeping the dark color from smudging and rubbing below the eye. Take note, unless of course you are going for the raccoon look! For an added touch, use waterproof liner.

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