If you thought that Bravo was going to keep the Real Housewives Of Atlanta muffled about who they hope comes out on top of this nasty situation with Kenya and Porsha then you and many others were wrong! According to TMZ, Ms. Leakes had more than a little bit to say about why Kenya Moore provoked what happened to her and how Porsha basically did what she needed to do.

Check it out in the video below!




Soon we will finally be able to see for ourselves what went down as the Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s reunion special airs tonight on Bravo!




17 thoughts on “NeNe Leakes Publicly Takes A Side In The Porsha And Kenya Standoff [VIDEO]

  1. Valerie on said:

    At first I was angry at Kenya for provoking Porsha but after watching the show back several times I clearly saw that Porsha was no DAMN victim she kept running her damn mouth talking shit about Kenya being a slut, and having a fake prince. Porsha is also a airheahed bitch, Kenya is just more street at throwing shade. Porsha get off the show, go back to school learn about the Underground Railroad, and get a real job. Bye Boo!!

  2. I don’t think it would be right for Bravo to fire Porsha unless they are willing to fire Kenya. I do not support violence, but when you allow someone to bring props on stage to purposely antagonize them then you have to expect that a physical altercation may take place. If you can’t take it then you don’t need to be dishing it out.. Kenya publicly stated that she is Ms. America and supposed to be an example for young girls and women, but the way that she conducted herself on stage is not “model” worthy and if memory serves me correctly, when two people are engaged in an altercation not only is the person who thru the first punch held responsible, but if you provoke someone or instigated the situation you are just as guilty, This is the creed we live by when we call ourselves trying to be judge and jury, in our court system this is also evident. So like I said if Bravo is going to fire Porscha they also need to fire Kenya. It takes Two to Tango.. Kenya, that’s for you sweetie.

  3. NENE NEEDS TO SHUT-UP because she use to be the bully on the show, she could not even get along with anyone, she is such a thug, !!! she should not takes sides, and how she has treated cynthia, she needs to really ask for her forgiveness, that why I know no-one could ever be friends with Nene, she is just such a fake, insecure woman who only thinks of making that money, and she has kids too, so what she has done to cynthia, was just totally wrong after all they had went though
    to keep the friendship,, Nene please close your mouth you talk to much anyway,, I cannot believe she actually is taking sides, she is always contradicting herself ,,, and pointing fingers,,, that pajama party she started all of that, she created the chao’s and mayhem she is a demon who just has nice clothes,

  4. lightnlovely on said:

    BRAVO and Andy Cohen should have NOT ALLIWED Kenya to bring “Props” It was silly and UNNECESSARY! They need to address their part in this mess.

  5. Porsha should not be fired, If Porsha is fired Kenya should also be fired. Kenya provked Porsha on the show and she could not take it any more and she snapped. I have seen fights on other housewives shows, and they are not fired. Why Porsha?

  6. For the record…NeNe…I thought you were all about ‘non-violence’….it’s ok for your scary side-kick to assault Kenya…You ran from Marlo when she came for you…but, when Kenya refuses to go head-to-head to Porsha, you vote for Porsha…you are a hypocrite chile…. One by one, each of those girls will grow up and challenge you…I see Cynthia is already starting to do it…your problem is that you refuse to be friends with anyone who won’t kiss your behind…All of the girls need to circle around you and whip your behind for being such a back-door bully. As far as your little stunt on Dancing with the Stars, you look just like ‘Shrek’…you have a serious problem with strong women…you could never go head-to-head with someone like Armossa, Star jones, Marlo…or even Kenya…they intimidate you….Maybe Porsha should stay, and YOU leave !

  7. I also agree…Porsha should be fired ! Who wants to go to a job and be assaulted like that. Yes, Kenya may have taunted her, but did you hear the comments that were coming out of Porsha’s mouth too! It was a 2-way street.

    As far as I’m concerned, all of the girls know what to expect when they sign-on to do these reality shows. Porsha couldn’t handle it. Everytime she gets called on the carpet, she crys for her broken marriage to Kordell (who has not dropped a single tear for her at all)…

    Kenya has made a name for her self on the show and NeNe hates her for it. The other girls are to scared to go up against NeNe for fear of loosing their own checks.

    The sad thing is that if the ratings drop to much, ther show gets cancelled and ‘no one’ will get a check! It’s entertainment folks…thats all…some can handle it, and some can’t !

    Kenya has done an incredible job bringing in the ratings ! BRAVO to Kenya !

    If Kenya goes, I will turn the channel to something else…


    • Linda M.Leake on said:

      Well Sharon about your thoughts wrong anyway-how would you had handle it if it were Kenya bullying you calling you names & such, be real girl, Kenya was banking on what happen she provoked it & she staged it to her benefit hopeing Porsha would react, yes Kenya is a trouble making slut & dumb goes well with her, yes Karma is a bitch & believe me Kenya will truely get hers, she went after everyone on the show even when no one was talking to Kenya she always got to be in the spot light hoping to get noticed by anybody, she’s a selfish evil mined gold digger & everything she has done to the others so it shall come back to her 10x’s fold, she’s a bully-& she just met her match, now watch later she’ll make people think she did nothing wrong as usual, she needs therapy straight up & a long sessions. A bull horn & her magical stx which went on the floor right along with her, should have been her head rolling she has done so much dirt until it’s pitiful, she needs to leave but as long as she makes trouble they will keep her , hope none of the other ladies want to be around this trouble maker & dirt bag. Who is this prince do you know? she lied & said NENE has met him “WRONG ANOTHER LIE, she always trying to get her lies straight & yeah she is fake acting along with her fake hair, Please just go away.

    • angela stokes on said:

      Then start turning because the trick is leaving. Kenya is not coming back, she is too embarrassed from that ass kickin Porsha gave her. Porsha should have done more than that. Kenya is a lying fake, apollo fuckin bitch. Go Porsha whoooooooo!

  8. I agree with Madelyn, becuase if all of the bullying was directed to anyone of you, the reality is you may have responded the same way. I know for a fact that I would not tolerate that behavior from anyone. Whether or not it is towards me or someone in my presence. A person only will tolerate so much harrassing behavior. I a hope that Porsha does NOT get fired. Just becuase she was so sincere when she realized what she had just done. Every individual is different and I will go with the underdog, every time in a situation such as this one! Porsha did not deserve the torment she received from the moment she embarked upon the program. For those believe she should be fired, must be bullies!

  9. Neice on said:

    BTW… Someone needs to take Nene big scary ass on. She’s all mouth I bet that bitch won’t bust a grape! She acts like shady ass Aretha Franklin thinking she’s above others! Ugh

  10. madelyne reed on said:

    Remember Kenya bullied Porsha every chance that she could by calling her dumb!, this is exactly how kids bully other kids at school, it starts by calling another person dumb, and other mean names. Porsha should not be fired, and if she does I WILL NOT watch this show again, because Kenya needed the Karma that she got last night. Looks like Kenya fell right away as soon as Porsha touch her and in the process knocking poor Porsha to the floor. Watch that tape again and again, I saw it 2 times. I would not have lasted as long Porsha did, with Kenya pointing and why is Bravevo letting Kenya bring all this bull crap to the reunion, a pointer and a bull horn, last year it was a big fan, I wanted to go into the TV and take the bull horn and bop Kenya on the head with it.


  11. Sharon Jones on said:

    Porsha was wrong Nene, just like your BIG ass the night of the pajama party. How dare you talk about provoking people. How dare you talk about right vs. wrong on “anythang”! Porsha, should be FIRED, so should you (JUNKY)! How dare you ask for Cynthia’s head on a plate. That’s her way to eat (LIVELYHOOD). Karma is a Bitch! You Bitch.

    • Neice on said:

      I totally agree Sharon! Nene is one messy bitch and always trying to start mess and then throw shade. She is irrelevant and always trying to make herself relevant! Hand down Porsha was wrong and as grown women they should know to keep ones hands to oneself!

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