This winter was a clear indication global warming, also known as “climate change,” is very real. Everywhere from New York to Atlanta felt the wrath of mother nature. Listen to this edition of Reality Radio with Radio One founder, Cathy Hughes, to hear her explain why climate change exist, what we can do to help put our eco-system back in balance, and the disastrous outcome if we don’t act accordingly.

2 thoughts on “The Dangerous Reality Of Climate Change

  1. The reality of climate change is it isn’t happening. According to the computer models that the entire climate change crisis is based on, there should be fewer polar vortexes that resulted in the extreme cold this last winter. These same models predicted that California would be wetter, but as we all know, they suffered a drought.

    I guess the warming alarmist have to take facts that dispute climate change and try to say they prove it because there is so little that supports the theory. Consider the following.

    There has been no warming in the past 17 years. The warming that we have had is only a third of what the climate computer models predicted.

    Half of the warming blamed on climate change happened between 1910 and 1940 before there was significant build up of green house gasses.

    Both the artic and Antarctic ice have been expanding. The warming alarmist predicted that the artic would be ice free by the summer of 2013.

    Though the politicians of the IPCC try to claim that extreme weather events are increasing, its scientists have stated in their reports that there has been no increase.

    The fact is, the earth’s temperature is following the solar cycles. If past patterns repeat, we are in for serious global cooling.

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