dru radravious williams dehart florida

A Florida teacher was fired last week after being accused of ordering an attack on a student who reportedly threatened her, WPTV-TV 5 reports.

A school board in St. Lucie County officially let Dru Dehart (pictured left) go during a meeting Thursday evening. The accusation stems from an incident in March of 2013 when 7th grader, Radravious Williams (pictured right), was attacked by a group of students at Northport K-8 school. Dehart is accused of encouraging six students to fight with Williams after the boy allegedly threatened her. The male students, ranging from ages 11 to 15, were arrested for “hitting” and “kicking” Williams, WPBF-Tv reported at the time.

Radravious claims that after he told his teacher that he “wished he could curse out teachers someday,” Dehart encouraged the attack, even telling the group to “teach him a lesson.”

“They picked him up, carried him, holding him by the neck, took him down to her classroom and forcibly made him apologize to her,” Latasha Darrisaw, Williams’ mother, told the station after the attack. “And [Dehart’s] remarks to him were, ‘I’ve got my eighth-grade boys on you; you’re not so tough now.”

During the Thursday evening meeting, representatives from the school district told the board that Dehart failed to protect students that day. Dehart’s attorney, Mark Wilensky, said his client wasn’t surprised that she lost her job.

“I don’t think she had any real hopes or expectations that in this setting today that was going to happen,” Wilensky said.

The boy’s family released a statement through the law firm McLaughlin & Stern, saying “we are confident that is the right decision for the children of St. Lucie County.” The firm says the family plans on filing a federal civil rights lawsuit.

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6 thoughts on “Fla. Teacher Fired After Allegedly Ordering Attack On Student

  1. Honestly on said:

    This mindless cave n!@@er dehart is no teacher, she’s a klan ape. This is why those brothers in Detroit beat the cave n!@@er down that ran over the kid. These mayonnaise monkeys are violent by nature, never trust them. They should be grinded down to piss, sh!t and blood and shoveled back into the caves of Europe.

  2. americanize. on said:

    My bad,the boys are black who she bullshited to attack another student.The bitch should be fired. What is wrong with white folk in florida.

  3. Danica Banks on said:

    Racist bitch my arse. This was one of those want to be young thugs that didn’t know how to behave and the teacher got fed up with his antics and decided to have some other (black) boys show him he wasn’t as tough as he thought he was. I remember when the story first broke. She is not racist and I am behind her 100 percent. As far as the parents go, they should’ve taught him how to respect his elders and should’ve given him a more respectable name than Radravious.

    • Are You Serious?? on said:

      Really? He is a child and she is an adult, she should have used her adult thinking to handle the situation. SHE is the thug and now she is an unemployed thug. She should have sent his “arse” to the principal and let him handle it, instead she chose to play Teacher God Mother and the bully in her took over. Couldn’t have been my child because I would have caught her ass coming out of that school and beat her bad enough to make her THINK a band of people beat her. SMH

    • Are You Serious?? on said:

      Not only that, she took six other children down with her, NOW who is the thug? She was hired to teach our children ABC’s, not how to beat the s**t out of a child because he talked back to her. YOU need help or YOU have no children, NOTHING that CHILD did justifies her actions, NOTHING!!!

  4. americanize. on said:

    If the students she sic on the boy to teach him a lesson were white, she should be charge with a hate crime. Racist bitch.

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