04/14/14 –  Sybil Wilkes discusses the Kansas shooting in the Jewish community and popular black blogger Karyn Washington commits suicide.

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3 thoughts on “SYBIL WILKES NEWS: ForBrownGirls Blogger Commits Suicide, KS Shooting Deemed Hate Crime

  1. Joyrica stephens on said:

    Soil I love listening to u every morning. Without u I wouldn’t know what was going on in the black community. U r fantastic. I look forward to the tjms every morning. Love u guys.have a blessed day.

  2. B. Loretta Lewis on said:

    I hear your comments about all the bad things that happen in the month of April, well there is a reason for them. April is the month we celebrate the death and ressuration of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ(Easter) and satan does everything he is allowed to do to take the attention of off Christ but nothing he does will over shadow Easter and The price that Jesus paid on that day. Each time something “BAD” happen just say Happy Easter. Happy Easter to you and the Tom Joyner Family.

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