Alexsandra Wright

Alexsandra Wright broke down into tears in front of her and Matthew Knowles’ love child Nixon after being evicted from her home. Alexsandra and Nixon packed their bags away and will most likely seek temporary housing at a shelter.

Matthew’s child support payments were retroactively reduced from $14,000 to $2,400 a month therefore, he won’t have to make another payment for almost 2 years. Alexsandra claims this resulted in her financial struggle.

temporary accommodation at a shelter

Little Nixon Wright didn’t ask to be in this situation and probably has no idea what’s really going on. We’re going to need King Bey to be the bigger person and reach out to the distressed family.

The homeless shelter is no place to raise a child.

20 thoughts on “Beyonce’s Little Brother Officially Homeless After Mother Evicted

  1. sweetpepsi on said:

    Ms. Tramp can work. Get a job. She opened her tail and PURPOSELY got pregnant with dollar signs dancing in her head and got fooled.
    Beyonce can do for her half brother IF she wants to but she has no obligation as this is her father’s mess. With this homewrecker Beyonce better run for the border because this chick is the type she’ll get pregnant and claim Jay Z for her next meal ticket.

  2. aliciamester on said:

    Beyonce is not responsible for this kid and the media is blowing this out of proportion .she’s not the father so leave her out of this this ridiculous that they keep making an issue with Beyonce lille brother being homeless. Go get a job and stop gold digging lady you put yourself in this position . You home wrecker

  3. WILLIAMS, Anna on said:

    l thought this bitch was working before she decided to sleep with a married man, Gold digger, with $ 2500 a month, your child should have a descent life. She should be ashamed of herself. She didn’t remember Beyonce before she opened her legs. SHAME ON YOU. Go get yourself fat ass a job.

  4. October on said:

    What is the Christian thing to do? So many have vilified this child. What would you do in this situation? Just asking.

  5. Mercedes on said:

    besides the point of who should take care of who, who child is who, and what the mother did with who and what its a homeless child who doesnt deserve any this and didnt ask to be born to a mother who slept with a married man or a married man who decided to cheat on his wife and have unprotected sex at that personally speaking even though i dont have much my little brothers or sisters, neices or nephews, mother or father will never be homeless as long as i have a roof over my head point blank period i dont care how they came into this world everybody wanna talk about what the mother did or spent the money or what not but it doesnt hid the fact that an inncocent child is suffering that doesnt have the power to work and fend for himself people are sad im not saying its beyonce responsibilty i cant speak for her or anyone else so i dont need anyone trying to comment back b/c im speaking FOR MYSELF and if it was my brother his mama might be homeless but he wont be

  6. she thought she’d be gettin’ $14,000 a month until her son was 18. thats plenty of time to live it up on this child support and throw a little somthing to the kid. this woman is going thru a REALITY CHECK. this woman AND EVERYBODY ELSE NEEDS TO STOP BRINGING UP BEYONCE’S NAME IN THIS….she didn’t impregnant this homewrecker. and I know Beyonce is not trying to feel any little brothers or sisters….thats her fathers doing. leave her out of it. let this woman GO THE HELL TO WORK like every other woman out there who needs money to raise a child. THIS SCENE WITH HER CRYING OUTSIDE HER HOME AND HER SON THERE IS NOTHING MORE THAN A PUBLICITY STUNT. SHE’S HOPING THE CAMERAS CATCH EVERY BIT OF IT SO EVERYBODY IN THAT FAMILY CAN FEEL SORRY FOR HER AND BUY HER AN APARTMENT. GIVE HER A CAR, GIVE HER AN ALLOWANCE AND LIFE WOULD BE GRAND. Well I hope it doesn’t happen. She didn’t plan her life very well when she was dating a married man. I bet Beyonce’s mother said…fine, you want him. you can have him….so now she has him…and she’s crying the blues….ISN’T KARMA A BITCH?????

  7. this woman is MILKING it for everything its worth. How come she’s on the street. What is HER part in all of this???? Did she think about this before she laid down with a married man? or did she not give a good god dam because all she saw was dollar signs as an outcom????? Beyonce IS NOT THE FATHER OF THIS BABY AND HAS NO BUSINESS IN THIS MESSY BUSINESS. THIS is her father’s doing and he and only he is responsible. This woman is HOPING B and J will feel sorry for her and throw her some money….but I will tell you this….I Hope like Hell they don’t do that. This issue is between this STUPID MONEY GRABBIN’ WOMAN and Matthew ONLY. She needs to go after him and then go to court for her little pittance of child support…AND STOP PARADING YOUR SON AROUND HOPING EVERYBODY WILL FEEL SORRY FOR YOU BECAUSE I HOPE LIKE HELL IT DOESN’T WORK. I hope B & J go on their tour and forget about this mess….don’t get involved and DO NOT GIVE THIS WOMAN ANYTHING. SHE MADE HER BED…SHE NEEDS TO LAY IN IN…WITH OR WITHOUT MATTHEW. This is what happens when you mess around with a married man

  8. pac4me on said:

    To suggest that Beyoncé is responsible for this child’s welfare is utterly ridiculous!!! Daddy Knowles? where is his responsibility being directed? If she lived based on what she “might” get in child support, shame on her and while she was getting 14K per month, she should have put some aside for a day like today. And by the way child support is just that “child support” – the rest of the support usually comes from the mother doing what ever she has to take care of the children she purposely brought into the world. Does she realize how many single mothers there are, working, working, working and not relying on the baby’s aunt to help. Now if B wants to help, that’s just generosity on her part – no one should be trying to make her do anything.

  9. Shoun M. on said:

    I dont think that beyonce should be put involved in this in any way. Her dad is the one who created this situation for HIS son, NOT beyonce. If anything, the dad should do something about it

  10. I know from experience that women are nasty like she is. They cheat with these married men expecting to be taken care of. Unfortunately the kids suffer and are caught in the middle. I love kids but I couldn’t find myself taking care of the child. She and Matthew made this mess and only they should pay the costs.

  11. Linda M.Leake on said:

    Maybe she was living above & beyond her means, trying to keep a rich life style just didn’t fit her, she can work, but she didn’t put her son 1st at all.who can’t live on $14,000 monthly, she was just greedy & now she see just how much it has cost her & her son.Where is the father? why is he not doing his responsibility maybe he is & she is messing up the money what a shame.her son has to suffer too.

  12. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Like it or not he is Beyonces’ little brother, but it’s not her responsibility to bail this women out who cheated on her mother with her father and became pregnant. Often times children suffer for their parents mistakes, how sad!

  13. QUESTION? What was she doing “prior” to having this baby as far as income to be able to have a roof over her head? And for God sake stop reporting this as “Beyoncé’s little brother” for a sensationalized headline. She is not responsible for her father’s infidelity and subsequent mess!

  14. msyellarose on said:

    Okay, so why doesn’t the little boy’s own mother get off her duff and support her own child? Beyonce is only responsible for one baby…Blue Ivy, not her father’s baby.

    • Sweets804 on said:

      I agree, why should Beyonce be held accountable for her struggles. She was getting $14,000 a month, a savings account could have been set up. I know the child’s day to day expenses didn’t eat up 14k every month.

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