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17-year-old Kwasi Enin from Long Island, New York, made the news recently after being accepted into all eight Ivy League schools!

Since the story hit the web, Enin has been all over the place doing interviews including “The Late Show” with David Letterman. On the show, Enin took over Letterman’s Top Ten list and gave us ten “Ways to Make Your College Application Stand Out”.

We think this kid is going to do great things!

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Smarty Pants: Black Celebs Who Attended Ivy League Schools
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7 thoughts on “Kwasi Enin, Teen Accepted To All 8 Ivy League Schools, Visits David Letterman [WATCH]

  1. john arse on said:

    His credential is very impressive compared to the national applicants pool at large, however, few Google clicks would tell anyone who cares to look that, when compared to Asian and white applicants accepted by any one of the Ivies, his credential doesn’t really stand out in that pool – actually, it would be considered marginal for Ivies. Asian or white applicants with the same credential most likely would not be accepted by even one Ivy – instead, applicants of this caliber generally make up the pool for sub-Ivies, such as Tufts, Georgetown, Boston College, Johns Hopkins, etc. This story is national news because he is of African descent – and the undertone of the reports is racial quota – like it or not, the color of his skin cannot be ignored as a key factor in his achieving this very rare feat.

  2. IanRousseault on said:

    This young Man is very inspiring, I hope to a lot of young people, just showing that when you fully apply yourself, look at what you can accomplish. May this young Man have an eternally blessed Life!!!!!!!!

    • Here, here! So proud of him. I’m just spellbound. I want to know more about Mr. Enin. Hopefully, we’ll hear much, much more about this outstanding young man for years to come. Now THIS is something to get excited about.

      • IanRousseault on said:

        I agree Kay, I’m very excited about this story. I can only hope and pray that we will hear a lot more stories similar to this!!!!!!

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