We are so confused over why it is imperative that anyone care one way or the other about Draya Michele’s man Orlando and who or what he used to do in the past but apparently it is dire that we both know and care. Well…we now know…so we guess one out of two ain’t bad.

According to both Vlad TV and Bossip this thing is not in danger or dying down anytime soon.

As we previously reported, Chantel Christie (daughter or Jackie Christie) has been saying for some time now that she used to know Orlando (Draya’s new man) in a ….let’s say special way…once upon a time.

However, this has been denied by Team Draya or just flat out rebuked by Draya herself.

Draya has called Chantel everything from a liar to chubby to prove that her man never wanted anything to do with Chantel.

But wait…we thought Chantel said he was gay? But we digress.

Well….now Chantel is posting text messages that are alleged to be from Orlando…old messages but texts none the less and Draya is once again calling Chantel out of name as a result of it. This time she is a “sore loser”.

Feel like you’ve gotten dumber from reading this story yet? Because we definitely feel like we’ve lost brain cells writing it…but since we’re all still here…take a look at the back and forth between the two Basketball Wives stars below.

Draya Michele

Draya Michele

21. 💯

20. 😭😭😭😭✋ #dead. Gm lol

Draya Michele

All the back and forth over this guy who may or may not be around later is ridiculous…but when you’re a young girl…it’s the winning of the argument that seems to compel you…and not the winning of the man himself. Let that marinate.

Funny how things that seem so dire and important when you’re young could not amount to a hill of beans when you’re older.

Oh and some friendly advise…you girls should really stop making these comments about everyone’s looks…in fact you should really stop making comments about how you feel you yourself look….because that is not forever….and in fact…when you speak those words…it takes away from the pretty that we saw prior to you opening your mouth and saying such things. If you’re pretty..you don’t have to say it…we can see.

Looks are subjective and fleeting and you will not be 2o something forever. If you have nothing else to offer the world as substance then stay in the corner and be cute…but don’t be foolish enough to speak about it. Because in the event that you get sick…have more children…or just flat out don’t age well…you will wish that you hadn’t been so shallow about what you saw in the mirror in your early 20′s. Don’t believe us…do a Facebook check one of these days….see what the hot girls back in the day are looking like now….uhh huh….told ya!

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4 thoughts on “BBWLA Drama: Chantel Christie Slaps Back And Posts Texts From Draya’s Man [PICS]

  1. samantha on said:

    chantel & draya are beautiful women!!,Regardless of status! They promoting that nigga fa the next broad!!! When will we learn

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