04/03/14 –

Dear Tom,

My mom is a “Black Girl That Rocks!”  She does so much and keeps on keeping’ on.  She has worked six days a week as a caregiver at a nursing home for over 22 years and she is the Associate Minister of her church.

She is a very active member of her congregation: she teaches Sunday school to preschoolers, she does a bible study for young adults and she is the chairperson over all of the missions.

She also sings in the choir, and has church at the nursing home that she works at every Friday night – and has done so for over 22 years.

It seems as if she never takes timeout for herself.  She is always helping others – including me. She helps me daily by taking my daughter to and from daycare.

She’s a newly single mom and she is going to go to the Midwest music fest in June with her best friend.  It’s a two-day event featuring Chaka khan, Lyfe Jennings, Charlie Wilson, Anthony Hamilton and more.

She has always made her own clothes and I know she would like to make a new outfit to wear to the show. But her sewing machine is kind of an old clunker and has a lot of mileage on it.

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