Yikes! This guy’s name is starting to be synonymous with fraud…before he’s even been convicted of his current charges! The charity Dio Bambini is supposedly a charity for battered women and children. According to Radar Online Chase DeCarlo of  Dio Bambini claims that he approached Apollo Nida, along with fellow Real Housewives Of Atlanta castmate Kandi Burruss and asked that they attend an event raising money for the Dio Bambini fund.

Said DeCarlo,

“At first I thought he would do it for free. His people were saying … he wouldn’t mind appearing. At first it was like, ‘Ok, I’ll do it for $2,000.’ Then I bargained him down to about $1,200. It’s still a lot, but we’re still in discussion. He just sent me a contract for $2,000!  We’re trying to get Kandi to come too, and she said she would come for free. I’m still talking with my people to see if it’s worth it getting Apollo to come at all. We have people with a better background willing to do it for free, so I don’t know.

I’m really, really leery that his court date is before the event, especially since he wants the money up front. It makes sense why he’s pressuring me and wanting me to book him.

His people told me that I have to pay him everything up front and then they’ll send me a photograph to print on a flyer. I spoke to different celebrities, and he’s the only one who really wants to be paid before the event even happens.

I feel like I’m trying to book Beyonce! “

When Radar asked if he realized that Nida is a convicted felon with a history of running scams, DeCarlo replied,

“It seems like that’s exactly what he’s showing now.”

We cry foul on this for several reasons. Number one we know of plenty of entertainers who get paid up front before they show up to events…that is how their team books their tickets and pays for travel expenses.

Number 2…we also know not everyone is willing to appear for free…that just is what it is. More often times people in the entertainment industry get jerked around by people who feel they are deserving of the entertainers time, energy and efforts and don’t care what they are putting upon that person who is really doing them a favor by helping them to raise awareness and support for their event. So Mr. DeCarlo must not have called too many celebrities to ask…and to be honest it doesn’t sound like he’s really done this before or he would know all of this already.

But the last part is what troubles us the most…WHY is this man calling tabloids about this situation? Why is he claiming that he is still trying to book Apollo while simultaniously taking his name through the mud? That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to us. $2,000 is a ton of money to so some people but it’s a drop in the bucket to others….we just dont’ think Nida is in a position to be trying to do all that over an amount of money that he would probably spend on a pair of shoes. Something just doesn’t add up for us.

Well…it apparently didn’t add up for Apollo either because he clapped back at the charity in a video! Take a look at what Apollo says really went down with this chairity and what is being done to his name in the video below.





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