Mo’Nique’s incredible 82 lb weightloss is more than impressive; it’s inspiring. But it also wasn’t something that she did on her own or even decided to do on her own. Mo’Nique’s husband, Sydney Hick’s unconditional love for his wife gave him all the motivation he needed to warn her about her weight. Mo’Nique appeared on “The Arsenio Hall Show” and retold the story of that intimate moment between her and her hubby that helped her decide that it was time to lose the weight.

“Momma, that’s too much weight and I want you for a lifetime. In that moment, I went through embarrassment, I went through guilt, I went through shame. But I had never felt a love like that before. That night, was when a decision was made–I got to save my life,” Mo’Nique vividly recalled as she sat next to mogul, Russell Simmons.

While I am all the way here for Mo’Nique’s husband caring enough about her health to want her to do better for herself, I am not sure how I feel about the way he worded it. The “I want you for a lifetime” was one of the sweetest things I’ve heard, Hicks telling her that she’s got too much weight after asking her how much she weighs, even hurt my feelings.

Mo’Nique was a big woman when she met and married Hicks in 2006. I’m wondering if her weight has always bothered him? But I digress. At least his support helped Mo’Nique take control of her life.

Mo’Nique’s weightloss is so amazing. Losing the weight is the easy part (even though it’s tough), but keeping it off is the real challenge. Mo’Nique has been steady on her weightloss journey for over seven years!

Take a look at Mo’Nique from 2007 & Mo’Nique now!


We love this woman and her inspirational story. Check out her Twitter account for more motivation to get your butt into the gem!



One thought on “Mo’Nique’s Hubby Inspires Her Healthy Lifestyle: ‘Momma, That’s Too Much Weight, I Want You For A Lifetime’ [VIDEO]

  1. Great that MoNiques hubby loved her enough to tell her the truth! When God said our body is his Temple, I don’t think he meant 300 pound female or male temples. And let’s stop playing this childish semantic game, someone 40-50lbs over their normal weight is FAT, not “big” or “thick” Being fat is the entre to a lifetime of deadly diseases. I would be willing to bet that MoNique has diabetes which she can cure if she continues with her diet, otherwise in a few years she can look forward to “complications” such as amputations, blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks etc.
    5 years ago, I was Fat, 220lbs on a 5’8′ frame, 41 1/2 in waist and diabetic. I stopped eating what Kraft foods and the Kentucky Colonel wanted me to eat and started eating the food God commanded us to eat, vegetables, fruit and water. Four months later I was down to 185 and was no longer diabetic.Monique, switch to the Lord’s diet and you will live longer and keep your beauty well into middle age and beyond!

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