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If you were on Twitter last night, you probably noticed that R&B singer Trey Songz was a trending topic of discussion. But why? Someone tweeted an image of the singer’s tweet that proclaimed he is gay.

The tweet read:

“I think it’s time to finally tell my fans. all games and jokes aside… I’m gay.”

The alleged tweet was posted on Tuesday evening at 5:48 pm.

The singer’s majority female fan base immediately shared the tweet and expressed their disappointment in the “breaking news,” using memes and other images to illustrate their disappointment.

Trey addressed the mysterious tweet this morning saying,

“The things you people craft up with hatred in your hearts. The things people believe without question, or validity, all baffles me. Photoshop and a retweet is all people need to believe, any and everything. I feel bad for the impressionable, no minds of their own. If I’m gay then Tupac bringing me a ounce for this session wit Biggie tomorrow. No weapon. #LOVE.”

This isn’t the first time rumors have swirled around the singer’s sexuality. Remember when this image hit the net?



Photoshop or…?

You tell us – are you buying the story that he was hacked or do you believe him?

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(Photo Source: PR Photos)

21 thoughts on “Trey Songz Addresses Gay Rumors

  1. Homosexual or heterosexual, it’s not my business, I love you regardless. All I ask is that you continue to burn up the charts with your incredible music. Live, laugh, love. Blessings.

  2. Shamekia on said:

    It’s says he’s not bi he’s homosexual that mean he just like Guys but that’s his life life goes on so live the life he loves I still like you tho

    • Prettty boy finest on said:

      Facts, i didnt believe it my sister told me she heard it but i was in denial but i don’t know if it’s true and yeah he’s too pretty too be gay

  3. Kim Williams on said:


  4. Felicialuvztrey on said:

    Trey is far from gay ang I think I speak for all trey angels 5 tours in 2 years heard that paid a nigga str8 plus he stay up in some pussy tryna say a nigga gay but I learned tho a hater gonna hate

  5. Daniel Asamota on said:

    Not true. Lots of average women get to be with these stars. They go through a lot of trouble to be where they can get’em but they do get’em.

    • Stephanie on said:

      This is neither shocking nor anyone’s business. It’s sad that some women really believe that they may actually date these dudes one day and get so upset when they find out their gay or bisexual. News flash 95% of men in the entertainment business are gay anyway and even if they werent, none of us regualr working women ever stood a chance of dating them anyway. Get over it.

  6. Amber on said:

    We live in a world where people love to make false claims on people because they think it will destroy someone. Sick world. Trey, at least no one used the criminal system to make false claims against you in false rapes, child molestations, etc in order to destroy your reputation. When you get accused of being gay in the entertainment world, most people know that is the first sign, YOU ARE GETTING SUCCESSFUL. NExt is being in the tabloids and lawsuits filed against you.

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