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According to KTRKA mother and her sister are facing charges after a one-year-old child allegedly drank six shots of vodka.

Shadreon Sade Jefferson, 17, and Shamara Batiste, 24, are each charged with endangering a child.

Authorities say emergency personnel were dispatched after a one-year-old girl became unresponsive.

Court documents state that when deputies interviewed the mother, she said she’d fallen asleep and when she woke up, Batiste told her she’d given the infant alcohol. Batiste allegedly admitted to authorities that the baby drank about six shots of vodka.

We know GROWN people who can’t handle even ONE shot…how did a baby drink six of them voluntarily? Makes no sense…it’s not like vodka tastes delicious like Skittles or something…unless it was a flavored liquor maybe. But we digress…take a look at the story in the video below!


WTF: Mom Arrested After 1-Year-Old Drank 6 Shots Of Liquor And Got Alcohol Poisoning [VIDEO] was originally published on

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5 thoughts on “WTF: Mom Arrested After 1-Year-Old Drank 6 Shots Of Liquor And Got Alcohol Poisoning [VIDEO]

  1. RENO2AC on said:

    These two clowns almost kill a BABY, and all you two idiots from the pits of he!! want to talk about is their ghettofied names that their PARENTS gave them?!?!?

    • Jiggy5 on said:

      I feel for the baby first and foremost. My point is, these byotches act the way they do because of the hood azz careless names that have been bestowed upon then. You don’t see Elaine acting out, but Sharkeisha, oh she gotta pop someone in da mouth just because she’ bad azz Sharkeisha.

  2. Jiggy5 on said:

    Shadreon and Shamara! Need we say more? Stop with the ghetto azz names Peeps. You are enslaving your kids to either a life of crime or flipping burgers. No professional is going to hire a Shadreon no matter how much EEOC cries foul.
    Holla at the Scholar

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