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Just last month, ATL rapper Ludacris was gunning for custody of his 3-month-old daughter Cai and asking a judge to significantly lower the amount his  baby mama Tamika Fuller was asking for in child support, but the judge ordered the complete opposite.

According to, an Atlanta Judge today ordered rapper  to pay his baby mama a whopping $10,000 a month in child support for his 3-month-old daughter, Cai Bella Bridges.

Tamika Fuller was granted primary custody of the infant, but Ludacris will get “supervised” visitations.

It isn’t clear why Ludacris’ visitations must be supervised when he had joint physical custody of Cai just last month.

Is the judge being too harsh on the rapper or does Tamika deserve more?

Child Support Payments of the Rich & Famous
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13 thoughts on “Eff You, Pay Me! Ludacris Loses Child Support Battle

  1. If he did not want any more children he shouldn’t have been acting like some sort of animal in heat. As human beings we have the ability to exercise control over our emotions and use common sense. Some situations in our lives we have total control over and deciding when to conceive a child is usually one of those situations. Instead of being upset with the mother and the court system he should be kicking his own self in the butt.

  2. This article doesn’t suggest he wants nothing to do with his child. He wanted custody of the girl. Both men and women need to be more responsible when it comes to their sex/reproductive life. Yes, he should be supporting his child. However there is no way that woman needs $10K a month for a child that young. Does she not have a job? Women and men need to be smarter and stop thinking with their privates before their brains.

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      Thank you Kay, for an objective, non partisan, non gender reply. Kudos to you seeing both sides.
      Much needed on this kind of subject.

    • Wildflower on said:

      I disagree with the statement that the child do not need 10K hell the child may not need 150.00/mth but child support is determine by your income with the thought process that IF this baby was in the home with both parents how would this child be living? Luda is a millionaire why shouldn’t his child enjoy the finer things in life as well? If men would get it out their heads that they are giving the child’s mother money then they wouldn’t have a problem with it. You can look up some of the other famous people an see where they pay nannies a hell of lot more to care for their child but it’s a problem for them to support their child with that kind of money.

  3. When are men going to WAKE UP and STOP having all of these babies’ mamas? Too stupid to see that it’s hitting them in their wallets. Plus why is it that lots of black men don’t get married?

    • If her birth control fails then wearing a condom can only do so much. They are both (ir)responsible and should take responsibility. I wish more people would get married and stay in a healthy marriage. People don’t see marriage as a necessity or value what marriage is about, respect, love and most importantly, the family. Since everyone can get everything that was once reserved for marriage, so easily, it’s not even a viable option these days. Everybody wants things to be easy and perfect. I mourn for my generation sometimes.

      • Wildflower on said:

        A condom is more reliable than a damn pill. “A Condom can only do so much”. Ms. Thang get your head out the sand and get with the program. A condom can prevent STD’s as well what about that pill?Young men are the usually the absent parent meaning they are the ones that really that want a child so if anyone need to vigilant it’s young men. I’m raising two young men and I tell them fuck a pill wear a condom or just don’t go there. Be in control of your own destiny.

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