The NFL is asking M.I.A. to dig real deep in her pockets for the middle finger-flipping stunt she pulled at the Super Bowl in 2012. You may remember the singer-rapper gave 167 million TV households the bird while mouthing the words “I don’t give a shit” during her halftime show performance with Madonna. The FCC received 222 complaints after that performance and now the NFL wants a total of $16.6 million!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the league spent the first two years of their arbitration case demanding $1.5 million from “Paper Planes” singer for breaching her performance contract. Now, they’ve added an additional claim, seeking $15.1 million more in “restitution.” This is reportedly the value, in advertising dollars, of her two minutes onscreen.

In her response to the new claim, British-born Sri Lankan star described the league as bullies who want to “make an example” of her for “daring to challenge the NFL.”

“The claim for restitution lacks any basis in law, fact, or logic,” her legal documents stated.

She went on to shared exactly what the NFL wants of her on Twitter. “This is what they want me to sign, that I’ve been fighting for two years on top of $16 million,” she wrote after receiving the news.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”><p>THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT ME TO SIGN , THAT IVE BEEN FIGHTING FOR 2 YEARS ON TOP OF 16 MILLION <a href="”></a></p>&mdash" rel="nofollow">”></a></p>&mdash; M.I.A (@MIAuniverse) <a href="″>March" rel="nofollow">″>March 17, 2014</a></blockquote>

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Sources say the arbitration papers for M.I.A. go into the “profane, bawdy, lascivious, demeaning and/or unacceptable behavior by its players, team owners, coaching and management personnel and by performers chosen and endorsed by NFL to perform in its halftime shows.”

Check out her full response, published by THR, here

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