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R&B singer Keyshia Cole is back to kicking ass and taking names on her brand new song “Rick James” that features Juicy J. The Oakland native named the song after the performer, but the references she makes to him come from the famous Dave Chappelle sketch.

The song finds Cole sick and tired of her cheating lover’s lies and kicks him out. Over a hard-driving beat, Keyshia sings “Why does it matter now? / Who can do you better? / Feet up on your couch / Yeah, bitch, I’m Rick James / Slap a bitch like Rick James.”

“Rick James” can be found on Cole’s upcoming sixth album. So far the untitled project will feature songs  like “Believer,” “Love Letter,” and “Next Time.” Many of Keyshia Cole’s fans will be pleased with the song because Cole is back on her heartbreak swag again. How come nobody wants to listen to Keyshia Cole when she’s happy?

Keyshia Cole Goes ‘Rick James’ On A Cheating Lover [NEW MUSIC] was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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