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According to Bossip two kids were found alone in a Richmond County, Georgia house Thursday with no heat or supervision and very little food. Deputies say the home is insect-infested with piles of dirt and trash everywhere.

The children reportedly told police that they haven’t seen their mother, Bethany Schubert in days.

Said Vanessa Schubert the suspect’s sister,

“I was very concerned about the well being of the kids. I noticed that when I have been coming over to her house, they’re playing in the streets. She’d be at her boyfriend’s house, leaving kids watching kids and sometimes I’d be worried about them not having anything to eat”

Take a look at the whole story as reported by WFXG below.

Sometimes it’s shameful that just anyone can be a parent…this is one of those times. Our hearts go out to all of those babies…we sure hope they get the help they will need. And we applaud the sister for doing the right thing by those kids…it couldn’t have been easy but it was certainly necessary.


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