Hmmm…we’re starting to wonder if it is becoming a requirement for the Real Housewives participants to sing a ding dang song in order to be on the show! The only actual “singer” in the entire franchise is Kandi Burruss….however Porsha Williams is definitely taking a stab at it with this new song entitled “Flatline“…take a listen and see what you think in the video below.

Okay now….discuss!


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14 thoughts on “Porsha Williams Releases New Song “Flatline” [AUDIO]

  1. ladyoflzur on said:

    Don’t like the song. Porsha sounds like an amateur. Like everything else that comes out of her mouth it sounds ver immature.

    • Windie on said:

      I was reading all the comments and sorry if I sound like Simmon(American Idol) she sound terrible, is everyone hearing what I’m hearing??? Something is missing I don’t quite know what yet but something is missing. And all she did in the play was sing one song and twist her hips. My other question is why should she stay on Rhoa!!! They need to recast the entire show and salary cap everyone.

  2. What happens when you have to sing live? Oops I guess your shady producers are going to leave you out there twisting in the wind.

  3. J Russell on said:

    Ummmm, when I first heard Porsha sing on the Reunion show she sound like someone whoreally wants to be a singer but is not. I am a singer myself. Contrary to this her voice sounds a lot better good thing for good studio equipment. If Elvis Pressley can do it you can to Porsha – good luck

  4. Sharron Pettice on said:

    Porsha this is great I wish you all the best deal with the hurt and be happy we as women do not ever see it coming the heartbreak but praise be to God you are gonna make it.

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