Is penis pumping  the equivalent to a woman getting butt injections? It seems that way. While it may sound laughable, the widely popular idea to make a man’s penis look larger is the newest trend in the silicone epidemic.

So what is it exactly?

A “pumping party” is an illegal practice that consists of a person injecting non-surgical silicone, often found in tire polish and Fix-A-Flat. This practice is common among many in the transgender community and exotic dancers. And while common, it has also turned into a deadly situation.

22 year old Justin Street wanted work done on his penis. Somehow he connected with Kasia Rivera, who advertised at stores and bars. Rivera was not a licensed professional and injected a silicone substance into Street’s penis. The injection killed Street and Rivera was charged with manslaughter. Street’s mother told his story in hopes that other victims would come forward, but she understands some men may not out of embarrassment or shame.

Dr. Daniel S. Elliott, an associate professor of urology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, offered his perspective of silicon injections. He stated that Street’s death was the “first case he’d heard of involving a silicone injection to the penis.” He went on to say, “If there were a legitimate method for penile lengthening, Johnson & Johnson or Pfizer would have bought it up and made billions and billions of dollars worldwide. The fact that they don’t means it does not exist.”

What are your thoughts? Is the idea of a man enlarging his penis ridiculous or understandable?

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16 thoughts on “Death By Penis? Black Men Are Dying From Illegal Pumping Parties

  1. jazzydancer on said:

    I go by the adage that its not what you got but how you work with what you got. Learn how to work it and that will service you better that an overly big johnson that doesn’t hit the mark just right.

  2. hammy on said:

    The first 2 inches???? try shoving a two inch dick up your arse …it does about as much as sitting on a chip …6 more inches makes all the difference

  3. First of all, I doubt the accuracy of this article. As if—Black men are the only ones doing this? Perhaps more Black men are dying, because of using dangerous people who are less expensive and highly unskilled. But where are the statistics? Where is the backup evidence supporting the headline? Perhaps the victim described was Black..but the article didn’t state that. And, one Black man does not an epidemic make.

  4. The average vagina/anus is only sensitive for the first two inches. The large penis is a product of pornographic culture, and is bad for the sexual health of men and women.

  5. I said it. on said:

    Hit close to home? I stay in a gated community, just to get away from racist trailer trash such as yourself. You wouldn’t get past the gate.

    Get a dictionary.

    Happy trolling.

  6. I said it. on said:

    Kay, if you would stop letting them run trains an you and your baby girl, they could focus. Doesn’t the KKK have a website you could troll?

    • What’s a baby girl? And trust me when I tell you that I am not trolling. I meant every word in my comment. If I hit a little too close to home, I guess you’ll jus have to deal with it.

  7. Is it possible for black men to get any more silly assed? Yet another example of a silly ass black man letting his dick dictate his future – oh snap, he no longer has a future. My bad.

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