There have been some rumblings going on over at the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Marlo Hampton and Kenya Moore seem to be the epicenter of the earthquake.

Well, we told you guys there was no way on Planet Earth that Miss Leakes was going to be outdone by Marlo and Kenya when they took to the nets and to interviews to slam her character recently. We all knew NeNe would have something to say about it and she did! According to Radar Online…she had a lot to say in fact!

Says Leakes,

“Misery loves company! Manlow and Krayonce seem to be keeping each other company very well. They are back at their ol’ tricks. Krayonce wants this to be about her so badly! She has thirsty written all over her face. It’s way better for them to sit and talk about me than me talking about them, because I am very busy.

As I said before, I am never having anything to do with these two fools, so no need for me to comment. When I write you off, I write you off! They are doing all for nothing, so let them keep talking about me.

NeNe also discussed Hampton and Moore making fun of her for having her TV show “The New Normal” cancelled saying,

I love how these chicks try to diminish what is clearly a major accomplishment. Let’s see them get a series to lose, then holla back at me. By the way, what do they do again? My point exactly!”

As we said before….and we will say again…nobody is going to out-NeNe the one and only Miss NeNe Leakes…she will always have the last word! Mostly because she is going to make sure she is the last one talking!

And speaking of words…there is still no word yet on what NeNe thinks about Kenya Moore getting ready to get herself some of those “Donald Trump Checks” on the next edition of “Celebrity Apprentice” but we’re sure that too will go over like a bunch of lead balloons!


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5 thoughts on “RHOA Drama: NeNe Leakes Fires Back At Marlo Hampton And Kenya Moore

  1. yaegerjj on said:

    If it were not for nene, Marlo, and Kenya would not even be on the show. so I am thinking this publicity stunt is just that, a stunt, because they show was getting a little boring for me.

  2. nene is this her last year on RHOA, is she going to go away ,, because she really is not a role model for anyone,,she is just trying to make her mighty dollar, and she still has become a THUG, among woman,, Bottom line.. Just like evelyn was on Basket ball wives,, and you do not hear anything about her anymore they come and they will go,,, !!!

  3. SavannahJen on said:

    Without seeing the non edited version it’s clear that NeNe is jealous of the relationship that developed between Marlo and Kenya. NeNe has had her moment in the sun….I’m sick of her bullying ways hint hint grow some balls Cynthia. Nene’s over inflated ego goes well with her over inflated face, I’m sick of just watching NeNe, the show was losing its luster until Kenya came along. I’m team a Twirl she brings a refreshing new craziness to RHOA and makes the other women look…well unhealthy. Phaedra is absolutely intimidated by Kenya. Posts AKA Dumb Dumb needs to be replace.

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