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For the past few days we have been inundated with mysteries and tragedies in the news.

One is the mysterious disappearance of an airplane.

One of the tragedies is the violent explosion of two residential buildings right here in New York City.

In both instances lives and attitudes changed immediately.

Paul Weeks was on-board Malaysian Airlines flight 370 when it disappeared over the South China Sea.

He was traveling from Australia to Mongolia for a new job. Before he left he told his wife Danica that he was leaving his wedding ring and watch behind with her. And if anything happened to him he said he wanted the ring to go to his first born son Lincoln who is 3. He wanted the watch to go to his second born son Jack who is just 10-months old.

Here’s how she told CNN’s Piers Morgan she responded.

“And I said something to him like don’t be stupid. Just come back and I’ll give it back to you and you can give it to them. So I’ve got it here and I’m praying that you know I can give that back to him. So I can hold onto. There’s no finality to it and we’re not getting any information.”

She said there is no finality to it. She doesn’t know if he’s dead or alive. She fears the worst but hopes for the best.

Angelica Aguilar was fast asleep when she was abruptly awakened by an enormous blast  that shook her bed and her entire Harlem apartment building.

She recalled, “My neighbors came banging on my door telling me to get out.  I guess they were evacuating the building. And I couldn’t get out. My door was jammed. Everything off my window seal fell and I guess the impact of the explosion jammed the door as well. ‘How loud was it?’ It was extremely loud, I couldn’t even explain it. ”

Luckily Angelica made it out, but at least 7 people maybe more did not.

More than 24 hours after the blast we’re still awaiting word on at least 6 people who are unaccounted for.

And almost a week after a plane disappeared over the South China Sea we’re still awaiting word on the fate of the 239 people on board that plane. We don’t even know where that plane is.

I say all of that to say to everyone who is listening, or reading this commentary; remember when grandma and grandpa used to say, “Don’t go to bed mad,” or “Don’t let the sun rise on your anger.”

What they meant by that is self-explanatory.

If you have a loved one with whom you may be upset, or you may be taking for granted, tell them how much you love and appreciate them. Forget the little acts that you think are so egregious, forget about that.

You may never get another chance. Life can change in an instant.