As we previously reportedit got really real on Twitter last week when rapper Lord Jamar took shots at actor Omar Epps for wearing what he said was a “skirt” during a recent visit to the daytime talk show “The View“. Epps was there to speak about his new TV drama series “Resurrection“.

Well….actor/comedian Marlon Wayans, who is Omar’s childhood best friend, jumped in the mix via Twitter and he and Jamar showed out on each other for hours .

Now according to Bossip,  Epps has addressed the situation and Jamar’s lack of intelligence about the clothes and the significance of the garb that he was wearing. Says Epps via his own Twitter,

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 10.40.04 AM

Most felt that should have been the end of it…but it wasn’t. Jamar got back on his Twitter and said,

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 10.50.16 AM

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 10.50.26 AM

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 10.50.39 AM

A source who has been following Jamar’s every word for the last twenty something years said,

“This ain’t nothing knew…He’s been saying this and even worse things at times. He thinks it’s ok to sound like that and he’s got a whole lot of guys out here who think he’s preaching some sort of gospel. It’s sad.”

What we don’t think Jamar understands he continues to draw this attention to himself for his hateful thoughts instead of his dope music…he is starting to look to some like he may just be protesting TOO MUCH. We say this because people feel that often times those who continuously say hateful things toward a certain stigmatized group of people end up having a half black child somewhere or get busted in airport bathrooms tapping their feet on the floor. So while he continues to suggest things about others…things are most certainly being suggested about him. We’re just saying.


2 thoughts on “Omar Epps Goes In On Lord Jamar For Being Uninformed [TWEETS]

  1. Guest on said:

    “Contemporary ode to my Zulu warrior roots.” Jamar needs to first stop referring to himself as lord. Unless your name is Jesus, as in the son of God, that’s off limits. Secondly, please learn how to read & research. Quit spewing hate. All these misguided idiots keep yapping that Epps’ garb isn’t worn in Africa, well he did say contemporary ode. When is the last time you’ve been to Africa? It’s no wonder why some Africans can’t stand African Americans. And he still looks good. So many monkeys running around saying he’s feminine, but they’re the ones with a pole up their a$$. Why is it always the idiots talking the loudest? Jamar isn’t doing Epps a favor by watching the show…you won’t make or break it. You’re hereby appointed president of Omar Epps’ I Hate You Club. Congratulations on your position. Feel better you got a little attention?

    • Thank you!!!! Wraps, kilts, “skirts” etc. have been worn numerous ways by numerous peoples/cultures for eons. It was EUROPEAN industrialization that changed it into pants only for men and skirts only for women. Fast forward to today….now the attempt is being made to say that ALL men who wear wraps, kilts etc. are gay…and hence today, far too many of us are willing to ALLOW Euros once again to set the definitions of manhood and how it should look for ALL people…AND THEN FEEL REAL PROUD OF THAT. I am beginning to sense that far too many black men feel a sense of bravado in pouncing on who they suspect is gay and without any real warrant, tearing other brothers down(which is the REAL intention of said agenda). Create your own definitions and set your own world in motion, Black Man and Woman!

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