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ATLANTA (AP) — A lawyer involved in the dispute over Martin Luther King Jr.‘s Bible and Nobel Peace Prize says few words were exchanged as King’s daughter Bernice quietly surrendered the items so they could be placed in a safe deposit box.

A judge had ordered the items be kept there, with the keys held by the court, until the dispute can be settled.

Lawyer William Hill, who represents two other King children, tells The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Bernice King turned over the possessions to Martin Luther King III so they could be placed in the safe deposit box during a Monday meeting that was over in five minutes.

A judge is considering whether King III and his brother, Dexter Scott King, can sell the Bible and 1964 Nobel Peace Prize.

We Remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
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6 thoughts on “Bernice King Turns in Father’s Bible, Nobel Prize

  1. Daniel Asamota on said:

    Now I understand why the King brothers want to do it, but it’s still shameful! That is a family heirloom that needs to stay in the King family! Since Coretta Scott died, the King kids have been acting like KIDS! The sister seems to be the only one with a clear head on her shoulders! The King brothers are after every buck they can get! Why are you so desperate for money? What are you spending your money on for I know you couldn’t possibly be broke considering the volume of Dr. King’s work! Didn’t you get paid for the movie about your father recently released? The many books about him? I know there’s been problems with getting royalties for some of the things he’s done but a good lawyer should have been able to solve that problem! What are you doing?

  2. Camella Jenkins on said:

    WTH is wrong with those King siblings? They’re always fighting over prize possessions concerning their late great father’s legacy. Are they that desperate for money? What a shame and a disgrace.

  3. Its sad to say but those two poor excuse of men make me sick instead of riding there father’s coat tail go get a job and leave your own legacy. Stop living above your means how could you sell something so precious GO GET A JOB AND SUPPORT YOURSELF IT BELONGS IN THE FAMILY

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