Love is such a beautiful thing and we’re glad to see it reign supreme in Columbus Short and Tanee McCall’s marriage.

According to reports, the lovebirds called off their recently-filed divorce in efforts to work things out. A source told that he and Tanee “are still married.”

“There was a reported file for divorce, but they are currently still together and working things out,” the source explained.

Instead of moving forward with Tanee’s request for spousal support and sole custody of their 2-year-old daughter Ayala, the twosome are now focused on their brand new short film, perfectly titled The End Again, where they star side-by-side.

“The contemporary romantic drama illustrates the sometimes complex yet nuanced struggles that often accompany breakups as Jane Salmon (McCall-Short) and Joe Maxwell (Short) attempt to reconcile their personal battles of conscience against a love that still remains,” a description of the movie reads. “THE END AGAIN offers an honest illustration of the dimensions of love at the point of standoff. The dynamic explores how missed communication, pride and heart-guarding manifestations in relationships can lead to unresolved feelings that question whether it’s worth staying or calling it quits.”

In a press release, Columbus said working with is wife was a great experience. “We have natural chemistry. When in a relationship, you have lots of things to draw on to make it feel more real. In relationships, women don’t always see raw emotion from men. It happens in different places; when your back is turned, when you’re not there, when you’re not paying attention. That’s what’s great about filmmaking, and in this film, you see all the sides and perspectives,” he explained. The project was produced by Columbus’s production company, Great Picture Show Productions and Great Fortune Films.


The Hollywood duo have been married for nearly nine years.


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