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At one point, fans were worried about Katt Williams when a series of arrests and bizarre incidents suggested that the popular comedian might be going through some changes. But in the last year, Williams has gotten things back on track and is currently starring on the Growth Spurt tour, which is heading to a city near you.

To hear what Katt has to say about NFL fines for the “N” word, the Oscar Pistorius trial and more, listen above. 

 The Growth Spurt tour is going well, Williams says. He says the tour is like a reintroduction to the audience.

“It’s like a re-do of our vows,” Williams says. “Now I understand the enemy a little bit better so it frees me up to fight a little bit better so I don’t put so much on it.”

Williams, who says that Growth Spurt will emerge on TV and DVD/streaming at some point, spares little expense while on the road, traveling by private jet. He says the touring is the part of his career that he enjoys most.

“Some people think YOLO (you only live once)  we live YOLO every single time. This may be our only tour, so we continue to do that thinking it may never happen and we were right. It might not have ever happened again. So we appreciate it so much more that we’re back out again. It’s smaller private jets now.”

He’ll also be appearing on The Fantastic Voyage 2014, an experience he says he’s completely ready for.

“It’s all about comfort,” Williams says about his attire for the ship. And his famous perm? Well, that’s not going to be a problem, either. “Maybe you haven’t seen my illustrious perm. It loves the sunshine. Maybe you haven’t seen my act. My hair can take a beating and keep on going. It’s fine.We try to sweat that out in the intro.”

But what about the famed Light Skin/Dark Skin water gun battle onboard the ship, where Tom Joyner promises “3,000 people armed with Supersoakers? Is his perm ready for that, too?

“Absolutely,” Williams says. “I’ve done that percentage in my head and I lose. I think I’m going to show up wet. Mark that down as one of the events. Write that down. It’s gonna be fun.”

Katt Williams is in Dallas this weekend. You can buy tickets for the tour here.

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