Well, in her mind it’s not shade. She was simply speaking about public knowledge.

And she’s sticking by it.

Towanda Braxton called out her sister Tamar Braxton‘s husband Vincent Herbert on Twitter for his tax problems.

During a battle on February 13 with a Twitter user, Towanda was called out for being jealous of Tamar — especially since Tamar’s husband is successful and hers isn’t.

But Towanda didn’t back down … at all! She threw Herbert right under the bus.

“@mslady57 check the web boo! He also owes 3.3 million to the irs….guess I’m jealous of that too huh?

“I was in trouble because it was totally out of character for me, until I explained,’Hey these children are attacking your niece and your nephew,’” she continued. “Then they understood. Like ‘Okay, we get it. We wouldn’t have done it that way, but we get it.’”

But what were people saying that was so horrendous? One of her hecklers on Twitter wished a horrible fate on her kids. “They said ‘I wish Towanda’s kids got raped and run over by a bus,’” Towanda recalled. “See people didn’t see that stuff. They just saw what I wrote. So after that I have to say that was 100% out of character for Towanda to respond, but I wasn’t thinking about what was right and what was wrong at that moment I was just reacting and responding.

towanda braxton        ✔ @towandabraxton  Follow “@lele_floyd22: @towandabraxton @mslady57 towanda I hope somebody rape ya kids bitch & run they ass over with a school bus” see?! Smh

Many people thought that Towanda’s comments were out of line, but she doesn’t see it that way since she wasn’t airing any family secrets. News of Vincent’s tax lien was reported by several blogs and media outlets. In Towanda’s opinion, she was just reminding one hater that Vincent’s wealth doesn’t mean that he hasn’t got any issues. However, she did defend her loyalty to her family and keeping their private business private.


6 thoughts on “Towanda Braxton Stands by Vincent Herbert Diss

  1. 123Lovie on said:

    No one should ever wish harm on any individual especially the children how ever no matter how much of my family business is out in the media I would feel my loyalty would be not to comment who needs enemy’s with a sister like Towanda! Wow!!! Her jealousy toward Tamar is so out of control it’s so ugly to know my sister is making comments on my life that’s the ultimate betrayal Towanda so wrong on every and all levels continued success to Vince and Tamar.

  2. TJACKSON on said:

    I think it`s crazy to wish bad thing on someones family especially their kids,but I do beleive that Towanda is jealous of Tamar and what did Vincent do to her,she really needs to get a grip and go talk to somebody because she has let this thing consume her, very sad, admit that your jealous and move on.

  3. msyellarose on said:

    Oh geez, this bunch is almost as ridiculous as those Kardashians. How people sell their souls for money. Tune them out, pleeez.

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